Waryam Singh Sahni is the son of Pritam Singh Meher (one of Punj Piare of Meher Baba and settled in Shalimar Bag in Delhi. he had first darshan of Baba in 1956 at Poona. He described his experience with baba in his own words in his book titled “God’s Grace.”

On 14 Jan 1956 at Poona, Baba's green colour car reached the darshan place. Baba was sitting in the front seat wearing pink coat. Baba was so beautiful and radiant. I felt that I had not seen any man or woman so beautiful and was crying inside me 'Baba, Baba...’ I felt Baba was responding to everyone. He was like a Bright Sun with His rays of Light and Love all around. I was just melting in His presence and wanted to keep looking at Him only.

Baba alighted the car and went inside the building and after some time darshan started. I was in queue for darshan. While in queue I do not remember what I was thinking. But it was a special feeling to be in the orbit of the Avatar. After some time my turn came. I do not remember whether I bowed at Baba's feet or He embraced me but I remember Baba gave me Prasad and with one hand gestured (closing his fingers below His chin) sign of beard; my father had long beard. Brother Eruch translated His gesture, Baba says, "Go and give Prasad to Pritam Ji." I felt, Baba gave me the experience that He was all Knowing.

I came back home and gave the Prasad of Baba to my father. For several days together I was feeling Baba's presence and now I too longed like my father to have His darshan as soon as possible. I waited for another two years before I had His darshan for the second time....

It is so difficult to reconstruct that atmosphere but surely I shall bring out what I remember. On the first day Baba came in a regal manner and He occupied His seat. One Mr. Panday was taking Baba's photo. Baba remarked to him regarding some photo which he might have clicked earlier. He said, "What a wonderful photo you have taken! It showed as if Baba is giving birth to Baba." He was so encouraging to the minutest and meanest efforts of ours.

Baba then gave a discourse. "In my previous incarnations, God had the chance of playing the part as God the father, but in this incarnation, God has the chance of playing both the part as God the Father and God the Mother."

We were then standing in queue for His darshan. I was in the line with album of photos (which I had taken during my first darshan at Poona on 14 Jan 56) behind my father. My father's turn came and Baba said to him, "Pritam ji PREETAM se miliye". Preetam means beloved. So Baba in His humorous style meant, 'Beloved please meet the BELOVED'. I must have embraced and bowed to Him. But I do not remember; I was blank then.

Each day would end with His arti and everyone felt like being in His presence all the time. It is the rarest privilege which few of this mankind got to be in the presence of the Avatar who being the personification of Love had come only for giving and receiving love.

One day during the Parvardigar prayer we all were facing Baba who was also standing with folded hands and someone was reciting the prayer. My mind was running towards the door of the Pandal. But when it reached the door, some hidden hand brought it back till the prayer was finished. Baba showed me His authority. In His presence our body, mind and soul were all His.

One of the stories of my father which proved Baba's protection for those who call out to Him sincerely has been related before as well. But I feel I also must describe it as the story is not only wonderful but also powerful.

My father would describe, "Earlier, I was doing some contract work in a forest area. Those days, Indian forests were full of tigers. One day some of them were confronted by a tiger. They ran for their lives, but no one was hurt. They were all very scared. Few hundred workmen were working for me in the forest then.

The next day again some people saw the beast and this happened continuously for a few days. By now the workers were too scared to work and they protested. They said that they would work no longer and had almost begun to leave the work. I tried my best explaining all the Jim Corbett theories but nothing convinced them. I was now in a tight spot.

"In a spur of a moment I hit upon a new idea. I took a piece of cloth and made a flag of Meher Baba and hoisted it at the location site of ours where everyone was living. I gathered some courage and then collected all people and told them I had prayed to Meher Baba to see that tigers do not come to that area henceforth. 'If you see any tiger in spite of the flag being hoisted, then I will stop all work at whatever cost it might be to me.' The workmen agreed to my proposal.

"To everyone's surprise from that day no tiger ever came to that area. After a few weeks, one day suddenly one worker came running to the camp and he was petrified and panicking to everyone's horror. It appeared that he had seen the tiger. A doctor was called and he recovered after several days from his state of anxiety and delirium.

"All of us were very anxious to know what had transpired that fateful day. The worker then revealed the story that when he had reached the spot where the flag had been hoisted, he saw the giant form of Meher Baba near the flag. Meher Baba's hands and legs were very huge and He had taken gigantic proportions! Seeing this form of Baba the worker almost fainted. This explained his fear and anxiety. We were directly subjected to an experience of His protection."

Such stories of our lives not only assure us of His protection but also inspire many to place their faith on Him without a second thought on Baba. My father had by now won the trust of all his workers. Isn't this a bountiful blessing on all those who seek Him?