Tekchand was one of Meher Baba’s ardent Sikh followers from Delhi,. Baba asked Eruch to narrate his story:

Tekchand, who is with the Indian Army’s frontier road building team, was deep in the Subansiri division on November 9th, 1962, together with seven hundred non-combatants without arms when the Chinese troops began encircling them. They received orders to withdraw immediately, leaving everything behind. Panic seized them as they had no food and no arms! Somehow the Chinese had cut across, severing all communication between them and their base. But Tekchand instilled hope and courage into his men by assuring them they had nothing to fear because the living God, Avatar Meher Baba, was with them! And so no harm would come to them and they would get back safely. The men were visibly cheered, as Tekchand had told them much about Baba.

Taking the help of some hill tribesmen, Tekchand with the seven hundred men trekked back through the forests. They trekked for seven days and nights, through unfamiliar terrain, without food and without protective clothing in the biting cold, rain and slush. The whole way, Tekchand was singing bhajans in Meher Baba’s praise, with the men joining in and taking Baba’s name. They encountered breathtaking hardships on the way. At one point they had to swim across turbulent waters when a bridge gave way under their weight, but they managed to get across safely. Others, overcome with hunger, accidently ate DDT that they found at an abandoned post, mistaking it for flour! They were violently sick and vomited up the poison, and others helped them to carry on. Added to all this was their constant fear of being spied by the Chinese.

At last the incredible journey was over, and the men returned to their base in Assam, famished and terribly emaciated in their tattered clothes, but without a single casualty. In fact, not one of them even suffered from frostbite or any chest complications in spite of the cruel cold. Thus did Tekchand return from the frontier, instrumental in bringing back his seven hundred men to safety through Baba’s love.

When Eruch finished, Baba remarked: “They say it is My miracle, but it is no miracle of mine. It is the miracle of my Name!

“After I drop My body, the world will experience many so-called miracles. And there will be a rush to Meherabad, Meherazad, Guruprasad, and all places where I have been.