(Brother of Chhagan)

Baba introduced Vasant Deshmukh and stated, "Here is Sakori's high priest. But even his priesthood will not save Me from violent death."

The procession halted in front of Upasni Maharaj's old temple. Chhagan's brother Vasant Deshmukh, the chief priest of Sakori, garlanded Baba and offered a coconut to him. Another coconut, which Baba touched, was broken and its water strewn on the road, sanctifying the area. Kirtans were lovingly and vigorously being chanted. Baba took a pair of finger-cymbals from one of the kirtan singers and played it for a short time, while sitting in the car.

In 1954, Baba entered Upasni Maharaj's hut, where a number of men and women had already gathered and were singing devotional songs. Baba sat down on a cushion on the stone flooring. One of Maharaj's devotees said a few words in Marathi welcoming Baba's visit, and Vasant then entertained Baba with his combined singing and humorous gesturing, which made Baba laugh very much.

In 1956, Baba reached Sakori, the residents of the ashram and His lovers received Him a few hundred yards away. Wagh, the manager of the ashram, garlanded him even before he could get out of the car. Baba was taken in a procession with music and singing. In the vanguard was a beautifully decorated white horse (symbolic of Kalki, the Avataric incarnation in the Kali Yuga). When Baba came to the temple, the high priest, Vasant Deshmukh (Chhagan's brother), performed puja. Baba's car slowly advanced toward Yeshwant Rao's newly-constructed residence. Baba stepped out of the car, and Godavri garlanded him and laid her head on his feet. The rest of the kanyas (nuns) followed suit.