After working for several years in Bombay, Meher Baba’s paternal uncle (kaka), Khodadad Kaka had returned to live in Iran. However, after Merwan was born, Khodadad returned to India for six months every year just to visit his young nephew.

Once Shireen confronted her brother-in-law, "Khoda, you always say you can't afford this, you can't afford that! How is it that you can afford to come to India every year?"

Khodadad Kaka smiled and replied, "I have to see Merog, don't I? I am his uncle, am I not?"

Sometimes, Merwan would visit Bombay and spend part of his vacation with his other maternal aunt and uncle, Banu Masi and her husband Khodadad Masa, and their children.

Khodadad Masa managed several flourishing teashops in Bombay and they lived in a large house with a spacious compound where the children played. Merwan's paternal uncle, Khodadad Kaka, and members of his family had also settled in Bombay, and Merwan would visit them as well, befriending Khodadad Kaka's sons.

Baba's father and his elder brother, Khodadad Kaka, arrived on 8th November 1927. Baba's uncle had brought his two grandsons to enroll them in the ashram school. In this way, a number Baba's young relatives were under his direct spiritual guidance. Khodadad Kaka was small-statured, with a small white beard, and tiny bright eyes. He was humble and loved and revered his nephew. He had a habit of walking if he could manage it. He would walk the six miles from the railway station, to Meherabad, for instance.

In year 1937, on the auspicious occasions as His birthday at Nasik  Meher Baba called many of His lovers from Bombay, Poona, Ahmednagar, Nagpur, Karachi and other distant places throughout India. Sheriarji's brother Khodadad Kaka also attended.