Baba & His group arrived in Srinagar on Friday evening, 18th August 1944. The other mandali had arrived three days before all had to stay in the Majestic Hotel in Srinagar for a week.

Trailokya Nath Dhar came to know about Meher Baba through Daulat Singh, who was an influential doctor in Srinagar, had been spreading Meher Baba's messages in the Srinagar area, Dhar, was eager for Baba's darshan. In fact, he heard that Baba was staying at the Majestic and went there to meet him on the 19th August. Since Baba was traveling incognito, He was informed that there was no one at the hotel by that name.

Dhar did not give up and asked a young boy working at the hotel if there was a guest there with long hair and a moustache.

The boy at once replied, "Yes, there is a deaf and dumb Maharaja staying on the top floor." A moment later, Baba stuck His head out of an upstairs window and Dhar had His first glimpse of his Beloved. Baba permitted him a few minutes meeting and Dhar became a follower for life.

Baba reached Delhi on the morning of the 29th November 1952, Ganjoo P N and few others from Delhi Dehradun and Nagpur were present at the train station to receive Him. Baba with Eruch, Chhagan and Sidhu stayed at Kain's house at 16 President Estate, and the rest of the group at 10 Tagore Road, where Harjiwan's son was staying.

On 1st November 1953, a large public darshan program was held in Dehradun. Baba gave the message on "Real Darshan": T. N. Dhar and other Baba lovers from Delhi had come to Dehradun for Baba’s darshan uninvited. That morning, when Baba met those from Delhi, He chided them, "Why did you come without My invitation? This is a lesson to Me not to give darshan, as you people are always on My chest!"

Kain pleaded, "When will you come to Delhi, Baba, as you promised to come before the end of the year?"

"Had you people not come here, I would surely have come. And besides, if you take me to be what I am, I am already there!"

On Thursday morning, 4 March 1954, during Andhra darshan program Baba met T. N Dhar and others who were to leave for their respective homes. Baba embraced each one.

Mr. T N. Dhar later settled in Delhi in Narayana Vihar and used to have gathering of Baba lovers and satsang on second Saturday of every month. His son K N Dhar as boy was also fortunate to have contact of Meher Baba. He was called at Panchgani and Baba bowed down to his feet.