Dr. Daulat Singh was practicing medicine in England when he had a dream in which a disciple (Swami Bhabananda) introduced him to his Master (Baba). Daulat Singh had never met either Bhabananda or Meher Baba. In the dream, the Master urged Daulat Singh, "Leave England and return to India. I have connections with you." Daulat Singh followed the advice, although he did not know who the Master was.

Once in India, Daulat Singh and his family settled in Srinagar, where he became a successful doctor and was even elected mayor. He began searching for his guru, but in vain. One day, when he was riding on a train, a man seated next to him was reading a book, and after some time, Daulat Singh casually glanced at the book. He was shocked. A picture in it was of the same man who had appeared in his dream. He asked to see the book and read the name: "Meher Baba, Ahmednagar." At the next station, he got down and caught the first train to Ahmednagar! As soon as he arrived, he made inquiries and took a tonga to Meherabad. Now close to the fulfillment of all his wishes after so many years, he rushed to ask for Baba's darshan as soon as he arrived. Baba was at Meherabad then and was informed, but refused to see him.

Daulat Singh tried to check himself, but his disappointment was too great to conceal. He began sobbing aloud, "Am I such a sinner that Meher Baba will not see me? Is my love for him not sincere? Have I displeased him in any way?" After a few minutes, he regained his composure, and resolved to sit under a tree near the road until Baba granted him darshan. He remained there for ten days, without food or water.

On the tenth day, Baba sent Adi Sr. with instructions for Dr. Singh to return to Kashmir, travel on to Lahore, and contact Pilamai in Karachi. Daulat Singh did as he was told, and left Meherabad with a broken heart.

He contacted Pilamai, and asked her to promise to inform him as soon as Meher Baba was in the area. Weeping, he narrated his many years of searching and his recent experience at Meherabad.

Learning that Baba was in the vicinity, Daulat Singh came to Dehra Dun from Kashmir for Baba's darshan on the evening of 29th April 1941. It was summer in India, but Daulat Singh had been so restless to see Baba, he had come straight through on the train, 850 miles from Srinagar, fainting twice in the terrific heat. Nilu tried to calm him, talking to him at length, and explaining that during Baba's seclusion he was seeing no one. But Daulat Singh would not listen and said, "If I don't get darshan, I will die!"

Nilu informed Baba, and Baba permitted Daulat Singh to see him from a distance, specifying that he should not bow down to him or pay his respects, in any way. Placing six oranges on the floor, Daulat Singh said, "I have nothing more to offer you." From afar, Baba sent him word, "You don't know what you have given me! Whatever you have given is too much! Depart happily, and don't look back!" Daulat Singh obeyed and left after talking with Norina for an hour. "In those few moments," Age declared, "the doctor received that 'brand' of Wine which kept him intoxicated his entire life long!"

On 26th December 1942, the out-of-town lovers began arriving at Meherabad for the meeting. From Kashmir came Daulat Singh and other Baba lovers from Nagpur, Nasik Sholapur, Bombay, Poona and Ahmednagar many other close disciples came. Ninety-nine men in all attended the program. To make it an even 100, Baba instructed Margaret to be present, explaining to her, "You have to do My work in the West, and for that you must have some idea of it."

In the night of 2nd September 1943, seemingly to escape the heat, Baba proceeded to Srinagar; Kashmir by train with a few of the women and three of the men, Daulat Singh had arranged their stay in the Sam Hotel opposite Dal Lake.

In 1945, Chanji's condition grew noticeably worse and was finally diagnosed as typhoid. On 20th August, Baba had him admitted to the Kashmir Nursing Home, where Daulat Singh looked after him.

One day Baba asked the doctor what he was thinking. Daulat Singh replied, "Some of my friends and family are anxious for your darshan, but I do not wish it without your permission."

Daulat Singh was completely merged in Baba's love, and Baba did not have the heart to disappoint him. Smiling, he spelled out, "If you won't pray for it, then I pray to you to bring them all here for an hour on the 20th. But I can't spare more than an hour."

Daulat Singh was overjoyed and informed those interested. Accordingly, darshan was held at Karamchand's Bungalow in Nishat on 20th September 1944. Almost 500 people came. After meeting each briefly, Baba sent them back, but He did give some extra time to Daulat Singh, his family and a few others.

Among those who met Baba that day was a sanyasi who described his austerities to Baba and also his visits to different saints. Baba praised him, and in the midst of talking with everyone observed, "Daulat Singh is a gem!"

The renunciate replied with a knowing smile, "He is a gem, but he is still worldly. He has not yet renounced the world."

Baba just smiled and did not comment. Baba narrated the story of a Perfect Master who put his disciple on test who often asked for God realisation. Perfect Master gave to disciple a piece of stone and asked him to bring 5 seers of vegetable but he could get only 2 seers. Then Master asked him to exchange the same stone for 5 seers of sweetmeat. But disciple could get only 3 seers. Third time Master sent him to go to goldsmith and bring Rs 5000/-in exchange of stone. Goldsmith after checking was ready to pay only Rs.1000/- hence No deal. At last Perfect Master asked disciple to visit Jeweller and sell it for Rs one lac. Jeweller who could only judge the fact that stone was really an uncut diamond and paid one lac rupees to the disciple. This was indirect reply from Baba to the renunciate comparing Himself as jeweller and Daulat Singh as diamond.

In 1944, Baba visited Nagpur. Dr. Deshmukh had arranged accommodation in Dhantoli near his house in Nagpur.  Daulat Singh from Kashmir and others from Delhi Nasik, Bombay and Ahmednagar had come for Baba’s reception in Nagpur.

In 1945, Baba asked Daulat Singh about his work in Kashmir and remarked that he was very influential there: "He is a doctor and also a municipal commissioner. Daulat Singh's love and devotion are unequaled and his work is of a high, noble standard."

Dr. Singh answered, "Strange is my Master, and stranger are His ways! I have done no service of His in the real sense and yet out of His infinite mercy, He praises me before the mandali. I talk informally with and inform my friends and patients about Baba, and show His photographs to them. When they again ask me about Him, I tell them. There are some, however, who are not impressed by my words." Daulat Singh suggested that the article "The Avatar" be printed (from the first issue of Meher Baba Journal).

On return to Srinagar, Habibullah handed Baba's letter to Daulat Singh. After reading it, he remarked, "Baba wants only this much service from me? When will the time come when He takes away all that belongs to me?"

According to Baba's instructions, Daulat Singh gave some money to Habibullah, who returned to his parents' house. There was a hidden reason for Baba's sending Habibullah back. Just two months later, his father unexpectedly died.

In 1947, Baba and the group arrived in Madras. A large pandal had been erected opposite the house for the darshan programs. Many came to Madras for Baba’s darshan from far distances. Daulat Singh had come from Kashmir.

During May and June 1948, although Baba had virtually stopped giving darshan, He did meet with certain people. Devotees from Bombay, Poona and Surat came to see him, and his Ahmednagar lovers also had an occasional chance of having interviews. Daulat Singh, with his son, Upkar, came from Indore, and Baba happily met both.

Continuing his report to Baba, Daulat Singh pointed out, "In the beginning I met with serious opposition from my relatives and friends. People took me to be mad for accepting a Parsi as my guru. But patiently and tactfully I let them know of Baba and, by Baba's grace, I achieved much success among all communities, including the Europeans."

Citing an instance about Daulat Singh (a Sikh), Baba added, "I had given him a cigarette to smoke in Meherabad. Without hesitation, he immediately put it in his mouth and was on the point of lighting it. But I snatched it and threw it away, pleased with his obedience.

"Had Daulat Singh shown the slightest hesitation on the grounds of religion, he would have failed; but I would have forgiven him in this primary stage of the New Life. But from January 1, no such lapses will be condoned. The defaulter will immediately be ordered to leave, and his spiritual connection with Me will also be broken.

"That is why I say you should take all orders and conditions quite seriously. I will help you much during the period of training until the end of December to attune yourselves to the New Life."

In 1958, When Daulat Singh came before Baba; he recited his usual prayer in Baba's praise and some couplets of Guru Nanak. Baba remarked, "I am very glad to see you. You are dear to me."

Dr. Daulat Singh arrived Ahmednagar and saw Baba on 1st December 1947, and the next day He was taken to Pimpalgaon on the 3rd. On previous occasions, Daulat Singh had expressed his willingness to give everything to Baba, and Baba was to fulfill his longing — but not in the way he expected! A few months before, Daulat Singh and his family had been forced to flee from Srinagar. Due to the partition of India, there had been several outbreaks of fighting between Hindus and Muslims, and many in Srinagar had been killed. The family had abandoned all their property and possessions, and resettled for the time being in Indore, impoverished.

Daulat Singh's love for Baba was unequaled — he was a true "resigner"! He had not come to see Baba for any monetary help, but only for the sake of love, and Baba met him lovingly and told him not to worry. He instructed him to go back to Srinagar and Lahore and try to recover what he could. Then he was to turn over everything to his son at Indore and join Baba for good.

Several visitors came to Meherazad in December 1948 to see Baba. Among them was Daulat Singh again, with his son Upkar and others. Pappa Jessawala came on 4th December with fruit trees to be planted at Meherazad. Baba told him, "You will be doing a great service to me if you can manage to sell off the Byramangala lands." Pappa had been asked to do this before, but the matter was still unresolved. A power-of-attorney from Baba was executed and given to Pappa for this purpose.

At the beginning of August 1949, Baba informed the mandali that He would be coming to Meherabad from Meherazad to "discuss and decide about the mandali's future." Five days of meetings were scheduled from 15 to 20 August. The invitees included Daulat Singh, and a few other men. All were advised that no one should be absent during the days of the meetings.

On the morning of 15th October 1949, Baba paid a final visit to Meherabad to inspect the traveling kits containing the necessary items to be taken by each of those accompanying him. Daulat Singh, 59 was accompanied Baba along with other 15 disciples.

In New life during His stay a Belgaum in year 1949, Baba then assigned Daulat Singh duty to clean cooking utensils and other vessels along with Babadas.

Turning to Daulat Singh, Baba ordered him to slap Him on the face. Daulat Singh did it without the least compunction, and Baba was highly pleased. Baba then made all stand before him, and he touched their feet with his hands.

Soon afterwards, Daulat Singh asked Baba if he could take two month's leave.

At night, Daulat Singh's mind was in turmoil and he kept worrying, asking the other companions if he had committed a mistake.

Again, as desired by Baba, Eruch asked, "Baba wants to know if there are obstacles facing your family."

According to the New Life conditions nothing was to be kept secret, nor could a lie be spoken. Therefore, Daulat Singh admitted, "Baba knows about my family's plight, so I do not worry about it. But I settled my daughter's marriage just before leaving, and I was wondering what will happen in my absence. Now I do not even think about that. I simply do not wish to displease Baba in any way. I will follow the New Life conditions fully."2798-1949

On receiving the letter of authorization, Daulat Singh departed with a heavy heart, but he actually did live the New Life, though away from Baba. By keeping Daulat Singh with his family, Baba made him prove true to his oath.

In 1949, Baba had sent Dr. Daulat Singh home to Bangalore from Belgaum with certain instructions. Accordingly, he was to live only on food obtained by begging for a fixed period. Daulat Singh was from a respectable family, and his relatives were disconcerted by the idea of someone like himself, an educated doctor, begging. Society ridiculed him and looked with disapproval at his peculiar behavior. But Daulat Singh was uniquely obedient, the type of man who would give up his life to keep his word. Finally, circumstances being so intolerable, he left his home to wander and beg for his sustenance in various places. Unknowingly, the beggar at last reached the doorsteps of the only Real Giver.

He had no idea that Baba had shifted his headquarters from North India to Satara, but one day he happened to end up wandering there — begging right near Baba's bungalow. Eruch was keeping watch outside. Suddenly, Baba asked him to find out who was sitting on the culvert. As Eruch neared the beggar, he could not believe his eyes. Daulat Singh was equally astonished to see Eruch

"Is Baba here?" he asked excitedly. "Can I come to Baba's door to beg?" he inquired.

Eruch went to inform Baba. Calling Daulat Singh, Baba heard his woeful story and gave him food in his begging bowl with his own hands. Afterward, Baba praised his courage: "I am extremely pleased with your obedience. You are truly leading the New Life, and are an example to others. Although away from me, you are close to me. I am very pleased with you. I promise one day I will visit your house."

Now that the New Life had developed into three plans, Baba freed Daulat Singh from begging for his food, and included him in Plan One-B to live and work independently as a physician. Soon after, with tears in his eyes, Daulat Singh left for his home in Bangalore.

"In this pilgrim's begging sack was a treasure!" Age sang. "His bhiksha of Wine will one day transform his beggarly existence into Eternal Life."

Daulat Singh held fast to Baba's feet until the last. He would occasionally visit Baba at Meherazad and, as Baba stated, he remained a true New Life companion, though living apart.

Before Baba left, he called everyone again and Baba stated that He had arrived at a decision. Fifteen out of the 21 should not accompany Him. Of the remaining six -four would definitely join him: Gustadji, Baidul, Pendu and Eruch. He stated he would decide on the 7th of September 1951 whether or not Minoo Kharas and Daulat Singh should be taken along.

Baba proceeded for Manonash for four months and He stated that Daulat Singh and Minoo Kharas would be with Him for the first three months.

On 10th October 1951, Baba took the women in the morning to see cave at Khojaguda Hill. On the 13th Daulat Singh and few others went up to stay there and clean the caves prior to Baba's arrival.

On 24th October, Baba left Khojaguda Hill at 3:30 in the afternoon to start out on the last foot journey He would ever undertake. A bullock cart was hired to carry the remaining luggage down the hill, and Pendu drove it. Baba set out in advance with Eruch, Gustadji, Baidul and Daulat Singh.

On 29th October 1951, the group left Homnabad for Gulbarga, where Baba contacted a mast. At eleven o'clock he proceeded to Itkal by bus to contact a mast. From there, covering half the distance by bus and half by foot, Baba returned to Gulbarga. Baba sent Daulat Singh back to his home from there.

In Nanded, Daulat Singh rejoined Baba and the companions. He had a high fever, but had still come according to Baba's order. Throughout the day of the 20th, Baba was engaged in contacting masts in Aurangabad, accompanied by Baidul, Gustadji and Pendu. Eruch stayed behind in the dak bungalow to look after Daulat Singh. Being unwell, Daulat Singh was unable to travel by foot, and so Baba sent him back to Bangalore the next day.

Dr. Daulat Singh arrived. Baba told him, "You have come in time. You wrote that you could not come. How did you manage it? I brought you here, for you had accompanied Me in My New Life and in My Manonash period." Baba asked him to stay with him until the 28th October 1952, and ordered him to read from the Guru Granth Saheb (sacred writings of Sikhs), from 1:00 to 2:00 P.M., for three consecutive days.

On 4th November 1952, Baba inquired about the health of everyone present. He was in a happy mood. He summoned the five "priests" — Kaikobad, Kalemama, Ramjoo, Murli and Daulat Singh. Baba asked each of the five to repeat seven times a short prayer he dictated glorifying God.

Baba asked Daulat Singh to repeat the prayer of Guru Nanak, "Tum thakur tum pe ardas [You are Lord and I surrender to You]." Then Baba asked all the japwalas to repeat aloud, one by one, the names of God that they had been repeating in the Jhopdi. Baba stated, "Take God's name sincerely, for God may hear someone and be touched."

Those who were accompanying Baba on His trip to Hamirpur and Delhi were told to take sufficient warm clothing with them. Baba instructed Daulat Singh to be with Him for the last fifteen days of April.

Last to step forward was Daulat Singh. He began reading from the Granth Saheb. Before he started, Baba placed around His wrist a steel bracelet like that of a Sikh. By eleven o'clock, the reading came to an end and prasad was distributed to all. It was a very solemn and serious ceremony, and Baba acting as the perfect devotee was very devout throughout it. He left without making any comments and went to the Interview Cabin (Kaikobad's former cottage, opposite the hall).

In 1952 at Delhi, Baba wished to conduct the poor program in the morning. Baba had informed them I wish to wash the feet of and bow down to a special boy. He must be between sixteen and eighteen years of age, spiritually-minded, intelligent, athletic, obedient to his parents, and he should have a pure heart.

Pukar along with Nana Kher, and Daulat Singh and Babadas went to a college in search of such a lad. The students ridiculed them, but undeterred they contacted the principal, who suggested a suitable candidate. The boy was willing, but his mother was not prepared to tolerate such a person of Meher Baba's stature and magnitude washing her son's feet and bowing to him. Pukar prevailed upon her to consent to Baba's wish, but the woman was insistent. Finally, as they were about to give up hope, they found another boy walking along the road and brought him to Baba. Baba was pleased with him, bowed at his feet and gave him Rs.51. The boy's father was a devotee of Sai Baba, and the boy himself said he sometimes "saw" Sai Baba in a park near their home. Pukar then realized that Baba had wanted to contact this boy all along.

During darshan program at Dehradun, Dr. Daulat Singh and few others from Delhi. That morning, when he met those from Delhi, He chided them, "Why did you come without My invitation? This is a lesson to Me not to give darshan, as you people are always on My chest!"

Kain pleaded, "When will you come to Delhi, Baba, as you promised to come before the end of the year?"

"Had you people not come here, I would surely have come. And besides, if you take Me to be what I am, I am already there!"

In darshan program in 1955 at Poona  when Dr. Daulat Singh met Baba he was weeping copiously, and Baba kept the doctor's head on His lap.

Baba asked Daulat Singh to read a favorite verse from the Granth Saheb (Sikh's holy book). He sang a few lines about "the Highest of the High, the Lord," and Baba beamed, "It affords me great pleasure to hear this."

Baba cited the instance of Dr. Daulat Singh, who was once a very well-known and influential man. But, although he fell on hard times, his love for Baba did not diminish. He had full faith in Baba's will and was content in all circumstances.

During the New Life, Baba had promised Dr. Daulat Singh that He would visit his house one day. During this trip to Hyderabad, He paid a surprise visit to Daulat Singh's home in Secunderabad. Daulat Singh was overcome with joy, and Baba met his entire family before beginning the return journey to Satara.

In 1958 sahwas programme, when Daulat Singh came before Baba, he recited his usual prayer in Baba's praise and some couplets of Guru Nanak. Baba remarked, "I am very glad to see you. You are dear to Me."

Dr. Daulat Singh, a staunch lover of Baba, died of meningitis at Victoria Hospital in Jabalpur, at 2:30 P.M. on 22 December 1959. Baba sent this telegram to his family: "Such a brave and loving soul as Dr. Daulat Singh cannot but come to Me, his only Beloved."

Siganporia had organized the darshan in the spacious Sunderbai Hall at Churhgate. The Poona bhajan mandali and other out-of-town lovers were also present. Baba arrived at the hall in the morning. On 22nd December, and was warmly received with the usual acclamations.

The darshan started as hundreds of men and women filed past him from separate lines. . When the darshan ended at noon, almost 3,000 people had been fortunate enough to come in contact with the Avatar.

Among those in attendance was Dr. Daulat Singh's nephew, Trilok Singh, from Uganda, who arrived late because his flight to India was delayed. Baba often inquired whether he had come. Trilok Singh had attended the sahavas programs at Meherabad, and had invited Baba to give mass darshan in Africa. He brought his entire family to Bombay, including his nine-year-old son, Hardip, and all became devoted followers.