Baba & His group arrived in Srinagar on Friday evening, 18th August 1944. The other mandali had arrived three days before all had to stay in the Majestic Hotel in Srinagar for a week.

At the time of Chanji's burial, Ganjoo had the chance of seeing Baba for the first time, and Baba's smile had turned that sad occasion of bereavement into a joyful one of celebration for them. All prayed to Him to permit others an opportunity for His Company.

An interesting and miraculous episode narrated by Mr. Ganjoo:

In 1943, Dr. Ram Narian told me Baba was the Avatar of the Age. Although his words fell on deaf ears, I read through Meher Baba's discourses. I thought Baba was a good writer.

A few days later I went to a shrine located in a remote part of Kashmir, close to the place where Baba had fasted and been in seclusion for about a month. One day during lunch a thought crossed my mind: a holy man could come and share food with me. Then I thought: "Baba, you claim to be omnipresent, you come and share my food!" However, nobody came for the meal of rice and vegetables. I kept the spare food well protected and covered for the evening meal.

After a few hours, I saw that the utensils were empty and the food had disappeared. It was a great surprise to me, the manager of the shrine and others, but nobody could guess what had happened.

Next morning I woke up and started meditating. I felt strangely benumbed; someone told me that Meher Baba had come there and I could meet Him. The man lifted me in the air and carried me through space until I was near Baba.

Baba told me, "I have received your rice." He ate it in my presence — the same rice and vegetables that had disappeared the previous night. The man picked me up again, and in a moment I woke from the reverie to find myself sitting in the same straight posture and at the same place. No police could have helped me against the Divine Thief!

Baba reached Delhi on the morning of the 29th November 1952, T. N. Dhar and few others from Delhi Dehradun and Nagpur were present at the train station to receive Him. Baba with Eruch, Chhagan and Sidhu stayed at Kain's house at 16 President Estate, and the rest of the group at 10 Tagore Road, where Harjiwan's son was staying.

On 1st November 1953, a large public darshan program was held at Dehradun. Baba gave the message on "Real Darshan": P. N. Ganjoo and other Baba lovers from Delhi had come to Dehradun for Baba’s darshan uninvited. That morning, when Baba met those from Delhi, He chided them, "Why did you come without my invitation? This is a lesson to Me not to give darshan, as you people are always on My chest!"

Kain pleaded, "When will you come to Delhi, Baba, as you promised to come before the end of the year?"

"Had you people not come here, I would surely have come. And besides, if you take me to be what I am, I am already there!" 3414-1953

On Thursday morning, 4th March 1954, during Andhra darshan program Baba met P. N. Ganjoo and others who were to leave for their respective homes. Baba embraced each one.