A youth from Kashmir named Jagdish insisted on touching Baba's feet. "I will touch his feet under all circumstances," he shouted. He was prevented but cried out, "No power on earth will stop me from doing it!"

Eruch tried to console the boy, "To touch his feet would be against his express wish."

Jagdish replied, "I am not going to obey this instruction."

Kumar and Kishan Singh were about to lead Jagdish away, but Baba stated, "Let him touch my feet." He did it and wept bitterly. Baba lovingly pacified him, spelling out, "I do not permit anyone to touch my feet or bow down to me. You have done it with love and that is good. Now, make the most of it by keeping me in your heart always, and go on loving me more and more until you realize me! Would you do it?"

"Assuredly, Baba."

"I am very happy with you. Now my conscience tells me to touch your feet. Let me do it!" Jagdish kept crying as Baba touched his feet. To make amends for the homage paid to him, Baba also touched the feet of seven of the mandali. The boy was led to the verandah, much distressed, where he sat weeping.