Once a college student from Srinagar named Avtar Kisan Tiku, who had been constantly writing to Baba, came for darshan. Baba embraced him, but after some time, Baba asked Tiku to leave with the injunction not to come back to Guruprasad again. The young man did not stand up, but said, "I will sit a while longer, Baba, if you don't mind."

Baba signaled to Pukar, who immediately shouted, "Are you going, or should I throw you out? If you come to Guruprasad again I will break your leg! You are an ass!" According to Baba's signs, Pukar reprimanded Tiku vociferously, and finally Tiku was escorted out of the palace.

Ordinarily such behavior would have created an adverse reaction, but in this case, on the contrary, Kisan Tiku eventually came very close in Baba's love. As wished by Baba, that same day Pukar personally sent Tiku all the way back to Kashmir by train, but Baba kept his "heart" with him. He had come for darshan for the first time but was treated as no newcomer had ever been treated before!

Kisan Tiku again began writing to Baba, and during a later period of Baba's seclusion (in December 1965), when he was seeing no outsiders, Baba called him to Meherazad. Tiku speedily came again from far away in Kashmir, and this time Baba greeted him most lovingly and took him in a warm embrace before sending him back the same day.

On 25 December 1965, which was Christmas day, Avtar Kisan Tiku of Srinagar also saw Baba that day.