Dear Baba lovers

I request to all Baba lovers to render following inputs as far as possible.

Names of as many 3735 individuals who met Meher Baba in person or had seen Him in darshan/sahwas programs are listed in different groups in this website under heading “Fortunate Souls”. These names are consolidated on basis of details available in “Lord Meher”, Souvenirs; information received from various centers and first hand information from 1st to 4th generation Baba lovers. The group and state wise counting of names are as under:

Fortunate Souls volume-4

Group-16 ( Indian Baba Lovers-state and city wise)

  1. Andhra Pradesh-808
  2. Assam-1
  3. Delhi-62
  4. Gujrat-72
  5. Haryana-1
  6. iran-15
  7. Jammu and Kashmir-17
  8. Karnataka-18
  9. Kerala-6
  10. Madhya Pradesh-232
  11. Maharastra-1974
  12. Pakistan-27
  13. Punjab-9
  14. Rajasthan-17
  15. Tamilnadu-54
  16. Uttara Khand-79
  17. Utter Pradesh-614
  18. West Bengal-28

Many Baba lovers who had physical darshan of Meher Baba have joined Baba. Their relatives and siblings may have such information which they can provide to incorporate in the list if missing on website.  Baba lovers are requested to first visit the web page (state wise list) under group -16  (www.ambprasarkendra.com)

There were many more who had seen Meher Baba in groups but their names remains unrecorded. Efforts have been made to bring such names in this list through inquiries from prominent Baba lovers as far as possible. Many names might have been have left to which I was unable to reach through any source.

In spite of best efforts, there is every possibility that few names are not correctly spelt, repeated or left unrecorded known to present Baba lovers. To all, I request them to look into the list and let me know the any discrepancy omission or correction if required for it I will feel obliged.

I wish to make it most authentic and error free as far as possible.  The names start with surname preferable which consist of 3 words.  Names of husband and wife are put together. One name appears in one group only.

Biographies of prominent Baba lovers are also written with emphasis more on their contact and experience with Baba than their personal details.  Any Baba lover who can provide information of such Baba lover having met Baba can mail me the biography in less than 250 words to be posted in this website.

Information is required in following format.

  1. Name: of Baba lover-Late/present
  2. Place: Belonged to City/State (State is necessarily required for state wise inclusion.)
  3. Relation: To any mandali or close Baba lover.
  4. Biography in not more than 250 words

(B. Kumar)


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