Naosherwan Anzar

In December [1964] Baba's youngest brother, Adi S. Irani, who lives in England, visited him with his family. It is on record that on this occasion it was astonishing to witness the tremendous awareness of seven-year-old Shireen, Baba's niece.

When Baba told her that he loved her, she went over and said in his ear: "I love you even more."

Shireen asked several intelligent questions which intrigued all those around her.

"Baba, I know we are born again and again, but you are God so how is it that you get born?"

Baba replied, "Once in a while God takes birth because of his Love for His Creation. I am born in human form so that you may see me as you are, and if you are fortunate to know me and love me then some day you will see me as I really am."

Shireen shot back, "You are in all of us, then are we all in you, Baba?"

Baba nodded, "Yes, that is so."

"We are your children, then why can't we stay with you?"

Baba very lovingly replied, "If you love me, then I am with you wherever you are staying."

A very puzzled Shireen asked, "If I did not love you, Baba — Oh, I am not saying I don't, because I do love you! — But just supposing I didn't, then it would not be my fault, would it, Baba? It would be because you did not want me to love you?"

Baba said, "Yes, it is all my Will. My will governs the creation. You love me because I want you to love me."

Shireen then asked the last question, "You are beautiful and so merciful, then why did you create snakes and scorpions?"

"You, Shireen are so pretty and sweet, yet when you sit on the potty you bring out what is dirty and stinking. Why do you do it? Because it is necessary — and moreover it keeps you well and pretty. And so are all things in God's creation necessary. Both good and bad are mine."