Eruch Jessawala

This incident took place after some of Baba's lovers began to become a bit prosperous. They never liked to think of Baba undergoing the rigors of third class travel, so they would prevail upon Him to sometimes travel by second class.

On this occasion Baba and I and another of the mandali were traveling second class. And the rest of the mandali who were with us were in servant class. We were in a four-person compartment. During the day more people would squeeze onto the seats, but at night the seats would be converted into four sleeping berths and then there would only be four of us. As I said, there were three of us and one stranger in the four-person compartment.

It was the dead of night, so we had latched the door to the train compartment so no one could enter, and we had shut off the lights and were "sleeping". Of course, we couldn't really sleep, but at any rate, we were resting. When we travelled with Baba, He always liked us to keep the light in the compartment on at night, but out of consideration for the stranger who was with us, Baba allowed the light to be turned off. But still we had to keep alert, to be ready in case Baba should need us for anything.

Now it so happened at one of the stations, that someone must have reached in through an open window and flipped the latch so he could open the door. For, after a while, someone came into our compartment. I started yelling at him, "What are you doing? All the berths are occupied. There is no room here, get out." I don't know what I said, but that was the gist, that every berth was taken and he should try to find somewhere else. And I was within my rights to yell at him, because the berths were all reserved. You had to have a ticket to get a berth, you were not allowed to simply enter such a compartment and try to find an empty one.

But when I yelled at this intruder to get out, I happened to wake up the stranger in our compartment. Because it was so hot, he was dressed only in his shorts. And he began haranguing the stranger, but what a scene it was. He was standing there saying, "Just wait until I put on my pants and then I'll show you something." He kept threatening to fight the stranger, but the whole time he never made a move to get dressed. He would just repeat, "Just wait until I put my pants on and then I'll thrash you."

It was so comical, so ludicrous, the way he was standing there pretending to prepare to thrash this fellow and acting as if the only thing which prevented him was the fact that he didn't have his pants on. Baba was very amused by it all. Even the next day, Baba would refer to it and smile. "Just wait until I have my pants on and then you'll see!"

THAT'S HOW IT WAS, pp. 232-233
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