Bill Le Page

During another period of leave, Sam [Kerawala] was with Baba and a large gathering of Mandali and lovers. Baba suddenly gestured towards Sam and then addressed the room, 'You know Sam earns very good money in his work yet he never thinks of giving us all a treat. I think he should take us all to the pictures!'

There was of course a chorus of approval from all of them. So they proceeded to the theatre where Sam purchased 26 tickets, and they seated themselves in the back two rows. Sam was seated directly behind Baba and Eruch, and he could detect that Eruch was enjoying the Laurel and Hardy film, and in fact it seemed all were enjoying it.

But with Beloved Baba, His work was paramount, and sure enough, before the film had finished He gestured to Eruch 'Let's go!'

Eruch gave a very half-hearted response, 'Baba... another five minutes, and I think it will be over...'

Baba gave a gesture of assent, and, incredibly as it may seem, with that gesture, the power went off!

After sitting in the dark for a few minutes Baba again nudged Eruch, 'Do you still want to wait or shall we go?'

Eruch knew he was defeated 'Yes Baba, let us go!'

THE DIVINE HUMANITY OF MEHER BABA, p. 104 1999 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust