Meher Baba celebrated Mehera’s birthday on 23 rd December, 1963. Baba invited about 250 women from Ahmednagar, Poona, Bombay, Navsari and Meherabad were invited to Meherazad asking them not bring their children and any gift for Mehera.

They were met by Goher, who told them Baba and Mehera were seated on the verandah of the main house, and that they should greet Baba first and then Mehera.

Mani announced: "Baba wants you all to forget your worries and meet him in any way you like for not more than two minutes. He wants you all to be absolutely happy today." Baba embraced each woman and then passed her to Mehera, who was seated on a chair to his right. After embracing Mehera, each walked into the sitting room, Baba's bedroom and then out into the garden once again.

Afterwards, Baba moved and sat in the hall. Maharani Shantadevi walked beside him

Baba asked Lata Limaye to sing. She sang the two songs for which she won a gold medal in Delhi, and Baba embraced her twice for her efforts. Usha and Kokila then sang. Subhadra, accompanying herself on the harmonium, sang a new song composed by her husband Madhusudan for the occasion.

Baba asked Viloo to narrate her experiences during her recent trip to Nauranga, and Prakashwati Sharma also spoke about the mela.

It was the women's day that day, so eight of them, including Arnavaz and Perviz Godrej, carried Baba in his chair to his house Baba came out of his room after about fifteen minutes and sat down in the garden. A buffet lunch was served, and all gathered around a giant cake as Mehera cut it, and Happy Birthday was sung to her. Baba was given the first piece, which he tasted and gave to Mehera as prasad. After all the ladies had lunch,

Prakashwati and Freiny Nalavala brought a flat piece of marble on which a statue of Baba was to be placed for Meher Dham, a new temple in Dehra Dun. Baba blessed the marble pedestal by touching it with his hands.

Soon after this, Baba gestured, "Something terrible is going to happen shortly!"

The man, wearing white pants with a big yellow patch, a black coat, spectacles and a Parsi hat, pushed his way to Baba. Mehera was flabbergasted, and so were the rest of the women. All through the uproar, Baba sat placidly smiling at the ruckus. It was only when the man tried to advance toward Mehera, which he disclosed "himself" as Katie Irani! She had fooled everyone. Rano had done her makeup, and when all the women realized who it was, the hall resounded with laughter.

A little later Katie came back, this time dressed as a Japanese geisha girl. Baba asked her to sing a Japanese song,   and her high-pitched voice made all double up with laughter.

Freiny Nalavala recited the Master's and Repentance prayers in Hindi. Mehera Kerawala repeated the prayers in English.

At 3:15 P.M., Baba indicated it was time to leave. All approached him, kissed His hand and boarded the buses. Just before the queue formed, Baba remarked, "Each one should leave in the happy mood that all have been in the whole day."

(This is extraction on main events of celebration elaborated in Lord Meher)

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