Bhau Kalchuri

Zarathustra's birthday was observed on March 26th [1927]. Later that day, Baba ordered each of the mandali to remind him to attend the wedding the following day of a former policeman's daughter. The man had come to Meherabad especially to invite Baba a few days before.

The man's story is very touching. Once a man of a strong physique as a policeman, he had fallen ill and developed leprosy. Afterward he fell into great financial trouble. Seeking help in his dire situation, he had pleaded to the Shankar Acharya, the head priest of the Hindus (a high ranking religious office similar to the Pope of the Catholics), and to Mahatma Gandhi, but found no help from either of them.

Out of final desperation, he came to see Meher Baba. He explained that his daughter was of marriageable age, but that it was extremely difficult to find a man willing to marry a daughter of a leper. Baba's compassion was shown as he helped to arrange her wedding and gave money for her dowry.

The next day, the men mandali reminded Baba about the wedding, and with six men Baba went to Ahmednagar to attend the ceremony. The policeman was deeply moved by seeing Baba, and the marriage was joyously performed before him. The poor man cried out, "Oh Lord! Only your grace has brought about this happy event; otherwise, who would have married the daughter of a leper?"

Baba replied, "In our ugly cage resides a beautiful soul. Only I can see its beauty, and without worrying over your condition you too should try to see it. You have nothing to fear." After the ceremony he and the mandali departed.


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1988 © Lawrence Reiter