Bhau Kalchuri

Meherjee thought Baba would as usual travel in a third-class compartment, which was always overcrowded and would make the long journey particularly uncomfortable in the intense hot summer weather. He asked Baba if he could reserve a clean, first-class, air-conditioned compartment for him and the mandali, and after much persuasion, Baba relented.

Baba sat in the cool compartment for a while, and then asked Eruch, "Don't you feel cold in here? I feel very chilly." The mandali were enjoying the journey for a change, but they asked Baba what he wanted. He instructed, "Go and tell the conductor to turn the air conditioning down a bit. Otherwise, you will all catch colds."

So Eruch approached the conductor, but the conductor replied, "Nothing can be done about it. It is on automatic; the temperature cannot be adjusted manually."

Eruch returned and informed Baba, who asked, "Can't they turn it off? Quick, go and tell him to turn it off."

Eruch left, and the conductor turned the air conditioning off. Because the compartment was air-conditioned, it was airtight, without any external vents, fans or operable windows. It was the month of April, and the heat became intense. Without the air conditioning, the compartment soon turned into an oven!

Eruch felt so uncomfortable that he took off his clothes. The air was so stifling that everyone felt as though they would suffocate any minute. Baba, on the other hand, was quite comfortable, and did not seem in the least affected.

Eruch thought: "Compared to this, third class is much better. At least it is airy."

Meherjee had purchased first-class tickets for Baba's comfort, but now he regretted doing so as the "comfort" turned into the severest discomfort imaginable. Thereafter, no one ever mentioned air conditioning to Baba again.
LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 9 & 10, pp. 3167-3168 1996 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust