Baba discoursed:

I want to give a loving warning to all those who love Me that they should be very watchful about their grip on My daaman, particularly during this phase of helplessness and humiliation. They should not keep their fidelity towards Me a secret for fear of impending circumstances and they should guard all first moments lest they may unknowingly be taken astray. May they not fail in facing the challenge offered unawares by trying circumstances?

There was an innocent, pure-hearted widow who with simple faith in God, decided to pass her life in His remembrance. Being beautiful, she received many offers of marriage, all of which she refused including that from the king. So in a rage, the king declared that she was an unchaste woman and had her tied with ropes before the palace gate. The order was issued that all those who passed her must abuse and stone her.

It so happened that this widow had a daughter who had to pass the place where her mother was tied, but being fearful of royal wrath, the daughter just moved her lips and threw a flower at her mother. The widow felt this deeply and said, "Dear child, the mere movement of your lips and the most gentle touch of the flower has caused a deeper wound in my heart than the bleeding wounds caused by the stones hurled at me."

So beware. Be honest in the expression of your faith in Me and I am ever with you to help.


A slight derogatory remark by close disciple casts more pains to His master than any other seeker.

(The Ancient One, p. 178, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, 1981 © Glow International)