One day, a man came into a bank and was watching the cashier. The cashier, very much absorbed in counting the money in order to keep proper accounts, did not notice the person watching him. After a while, the man left.

One evening, this man went to call on cashier at home. Although the cashier did not know him, he let the man inside and asked what he wanted. The man said, “You are very rich, and I need your help.”

The cashier was surprised to hear that this man thought he was wealthy and said, “I am not wealthy. Whatever I get is by way of salary to support my wife and children.

And the man said to him, “But that day in the bank, I saw you were absorbed in counting the money that you did not even notice me watching you. Now you tell me that you are not wealthy? You must be the owner of the bank. No one could be so absorbed in counting like that if money were not their own.

At this, the cashier laughed, and said, “Honestly, I tell you that the money you saw me count does not belong to me. It belongs to bank. I only work there. My duty is to count the money properly and keep a proper account. When I am in the bank, I do this work with complete concentration. But when I come back home, I forget about the work, because I know that money does not belong to me. I do the work in the bank according to the duty that is given to me. Then I am free of my duty when I leave at night.


Beloved Baba would want us to live in the world like the cashier in the bank, who counts money the whole day, keeping the account. But at the same time, he remains detached, knowing full well the money does not belong to him.

 (Spiritual training program  –Bhau Kalchuri ed. 2005 pp-64-65)