For relaxation, Baba would go to Munshi Ram’s house to play cards. Once, while playing cards at Munshi’s, he quietly stole a card from Ramjoo, and as a result his side won. In the middle of next game, Ghani did likewise; but this time Ramjoo saw it. He complained to Baba, who rebuked Ghani for cheating. Ghani for some time bitterly thought: “Meher himself pilfers cards and then rebukes me for doing the same!”

After a while longer, Baba stopped the game and told the men a true storey about a Perfect master:

One day a Sadguru went with some of his disciples to a city where he was known. He approached a candy shop and entering, put some sweets in his mouth. His disciples too, mimicked him in this respect. He then visited a bakery and there also the same thing happened. He picked up some cookies and put them in his mouth, and his disciples did the same. Then he went to a blacksmith’s shop where there were red hot pieces of iron in the furnace. The Master picked up one of the pieces and ate it.

Disciples stared at him. The Sadguru then said, “Now eat this too!”

Not one dared move and Master admonished, “Why did you did you do as did? Are you parrots? Never do as I do. But do as I say.”

After hearing this tale, Ghani burst out laughing, and Baba asked the reason. He replied, “I bow down to your knowledge. You have answered my question superbly


One should not copy the actions of Master but obey Him.