Meher Baba told following story to mandali

Three were a husband and wife living in a village. At that time, the only way to travel anywhere was on foot. The wife’s parent would come from time to time to see their daughter. But her husband would not take the wife to see them, although each time her parents came, they would invite the couple to visit.

One day, the wife told her husband that her parents had always invited them whenever they came to their village. So she and her husband should go at least once to her parents. This time the husband agreed and so they decide to leave in the morning of the following day.

Her parents lived 20 miles away from their village, and in between, there was a forest. The husband and his wife thought that by evening they would have walked the 20 miles.

But what happened? When they reached in the middle of the forest, cloud covered the sky. It became dark. Soon it started raining very heavily.  Even though his wife had begged her husband so often to make the journey to visit her parents, she now told him that they should return. But the husband knowing how much his wife has wanted to visit her parents explained that they had already crossed half of the forest. There was no sense in returning, because the same distance would have to be travelled. But the wife was afraid and could not hear what her husband was saying. She grabbed him and told that she   only wanted to go back. The husband again tried to console her, but she would not listen.

Then the husband took a knife out of his own pocket and threatened to kill her. Upon seeing this, the wife only laughed. The husband told her how surprised he was to see that she could only laugh when he was about to kill her. And the wife said that she knew he loved her very much. How could he kill her? She was confident that he was just scaring her. She had full faith in him that he could not do such a thing.

Then the husband told his wife, “I am threatening to kill you with this knife. But you are laughing, because you know that I love you and because you have faith in me, you know               I will not kill you. So why not have the same faith in God? We are all His children, and He is our father, And because we are His children. he loves us. The rain is like this knife I am threatening you with. Although the rain seems threatening, it cannot kill you. So have faith in God and do not be scared.

And the wife felt    comforted by his words. She calmed down and realised that they had already crossed half of the forest. So why not continue on the rest of the journey.

Gist: Faith is more than intellectual belief. Intellectual may waver but faith by heart is permanent. One must have sincere faith in Meher Baba 

(Spiritual training programme –Bhau Kalchuri ed. 2005 pp-58-59)