Explaining about freedom, Baba narrated the following tale that ended with a few riddles, to which Baba did not reveal the answers:

There were two birds, a male and a female, who were always together. They were quite independent and would fly wherever they liked. They were always free, but they did not know what "freedom" was.

One day a man caught them both and put them in a cage. The male bird began beating his wings against the bars of the cage, hoping he could force his way out. But he gradually lost all his feathers.

Subsequently injuring his wings, he became nearly unconscious.

But the female bird was intelligent. She saw how foolish it was to try to break through the doors with the beating of her wings and she remained quiet, patiently waiting for the cage door to open. She saved herself from injury, because she wisely remained calm.

After a long time, the door was eventually opened and the pair flew out. The moment they were free, they realized what true freedom meant. They knew the pangs of suffering caused by the lack of freedom. Because they had been caged, their subsequent freedom had meaning.

The female bird flew away, but the male could not fly well because of a broken wing and he was eaten by a cat!

Now tell me who was the man who caged the birds? Who were the birds? Who was the cat? Try to grasp the meaning of this riddle and compose a poem about it.


The soul is caged in human body. When one invokes God’s grace and patiently waits for, he realises his freedom from the cage (body) after having achieved God-realisation.

(Lord Meher -1534)