Baba was in a good mood and asked, "Who is good and who is bad?" To illustrate, he told this story:

Once there was a thief who committed many robberies at so many different places. One day he entered a house where he saw a poor woman in great pain about to deliver a baby. He felt so sorry for her, because she was all alone, that instead of robbing her house, he helped her deliver her baby. He looked around and saw that there was nothing to eat in the house and very little clothing. So he went out and bought food and clothing for the woman. He attended her for a few days, and after she was on her feet again, he went on his way.

So, what do you think of this man? Is he good or bad? People call him bad because he was a thief, but then he did a good turn, so he became good. In reality, there is nothing like good or bad. There are three things I don't like: greed, anger and lust. These are the three things that, according to me, are bad, so abstain from them.


According to Meher Baba, there is nothing good or bad. There are different degrees of goodness. Absolute good and absolute bad is the state of God realisation. Greed, anger and lust are bad and hindrance in spiritual progress.