On February 1st, 1927, Baba did not eat and remained only on water. That day, with Baba present, another discussion took place about starting the new school. Rustom, Behramji, Chanji, Vishnu and Afseri were ready to take responsibility for it. The expenses for its re-establishment were debated and all agreed that it should be started soon, without wasting any unnecessary money erecting a permanent structure. Pendu then asked if Rustom would agree with this plan since he was in favor of constructing a large building. Baba smiled and began tossing a rubber ball against the wall - at first softly and then more forcefully. He explained:

The ball will rebound to you with as much force as with it is thrown. The wall is firm, stationary and inactive - doing nothing - and in that respect it is like a Sadguru. It is for you to determine what force you use to throw the ball against the wall so that when it rebounds it may be caught.

In the same way, before doing anything or taking any action, you should first determine what force you should use in doing it. You have to ascertain what is really requisite and then act accordingly. Here in the case of erecting a building, if you devote more attention to small things, like the appearance and beauty of it, the expense will naturally increase. First look at the means at your disposal and then decide. If you become taken by making the building comfortable and fancy, spending more than you have, it will come around your neck.

I am just like the wall - doing nothing. You have to throw the ball and catch it. So throw it in such a way that you can easily catch it without getting tired. Remember to look before you leap!


One must intellectually decide his work to be undertaken and force which he can put in according to his capacity. Baba’s response is like a wall which reflects according to the gravity of your faith and devotion in God or your Master.

 Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 903 - 904.