Once there was a forest, and in that forest, a bird flew and flew until it reached a palace. In front of palace there was a mirror. When the bird approached mirror, it thought that another bird was behind mirror. In fact, that second bird was the first bird’s own reflection, a shadow, its illusion. But the real bird thought that the reflection as another bird. So the bird started pecking against the mirror with its beak. The bird got tired from doing this continuously. It did not understand that there was nothing in the mirror


This story was told by Beloved Baba and depicts different states of comciousness. In fact these states are planes-gross, subtle, mental-are nothing but illusion. I realty, subtle and mental states are “fine” illusion, while the gross state is not “fine” illusion, and Reality as Reality.

The reflection, the shadow, has no existence; it is nothing. Though it was an illusion, to think the reflection exists in delusion. And as long as you go on thinking that nothing but the world exits, you will find yourself in illusion. 

The story shows that we take the illusion as real, though it is not there. Therefore, it is necessary that we have the knowledge that illusion is illusion and has no existence. Only God exists, and whatever appears to exist beside God, is nothing but illusion.