Meher Baba himself gave us this story of a king, his ring and his slave Ayaz. It is a beautiful story, and Baba repeated it many times.

The king was a spiritually advanced being; you could call him a saint or a spiritual master. He had a slave Ayaz, and this slave was so perfect a slave that he was even equivalent to his master. So close was he to the master, the king, that in all matters to do with the kingdom he had the final word.

The king would ask his ministers for their opinions and then before a decision was made he would seek the advice of his slave. The ministers became more and unhappy about this, until the king decided that they must have an explanation.

So one day in court, the king shows his signet ring and points out that ring is used as a seal to all orders and laws of the land. He puts the ring on the table before him, and asks all his ministers and courtiers, "What is the ring's worth? Tell me, what is the ring's value?"

So the ministers and the courtiers express their ideas on its value; even jewelers are called to help in making estimates. After all have had their say, the king turns to Ayaz and asks him the ring's worth. Ayaz says, "As long as the ring is on the table it is worthless; no sooner is it on the finger of my lord it is

After the story Baba would say: As long as you hold fast to me, you are priceless, even though no one knows your worth; no sooner your hold on me is lost, you are worthless, no matter what your greatness or wealth in the world.


Disciple has to keep his Master above everything.

(It so happened- p. 82)