Once, Narada was sauntering in a town singing the glory of Lord Vishnu on his lyre. He noted with satisfaction a house-holder performing a religious act and felt glad that the inhabitants of the earth were loving God. He stepped into the house. The house-holder was overjoyed at this windfall and received Narada with deference.

Narada was given a place of honour at the feast that followed. On hearing that the host was not blessed with children, Narada rose to his feet and refused to accept food. He went post haste to Lord Vishnu and complained of the injustice done to his devotee.

Lord Vishnu said, "I know nothing about his issues. Go to Chitra gupta, he will tell you about his future — whether he will have issues or not."

Wasting no time, Narada hurried to Chitra gupta and referred the matter to him. Chitra gupta verified the records and said, "Sorry, no issues in this life." Narada became sullen.

Now the scene changes to earth. It is midnight. A sadhu goes about the streets begging for food proclaiming that whosoever gives him bread will be granted children — one for one bread, two for two loaves of bread and so on.

This falls into the ears of the childless house-holder. He invites the sadhu into his house and bids his wife give food to the hungry sadhu. She readily consents and serves him four hot loaves of bread and also offers him delicious dishes. The sadhu is well satisfied and while departing gives his benediction, "You will have four children in fulfillment of my promise."

The pious house-holder is blessed with four children.

Once again Narada calls on the house-holder and finds to his surprise four children running and playing in the house. He questions the house-holder about the children. Pleasantly surprised at the episode Narada makes a dash to Vaikuntha to call for the Lord's explanation.

"What sort of divinity are you! I found four sons with the house-holder quite contrary to Chitragupta's account."

Lord Vishnu smiles and says, "True, there were no issues in the life of this religious man. But he obtained the blessings of a man who loved me all his life. So, if my devotee gives a certain blessing, I must carry it out because of the love of the devotee for me.

"Narada, you are My greatest devotee and an eternal lover. Had you given blessings to him, I would have certainly fulfilled your wish. So, even though there were no issues for the man, because of My love for the devotees and to keep up their words, I had to do it. I always see that the words of My devotees come true.


God (Avatar or Sadguru) is slave of His lover. God never allows His devotee to let him down.

 (In the Company of Avatar Meher Baba, pp. 162-164, 1988, 1992 © M. R. Dhakephalkar)