Touching on Sabir Saheb of Iran and his spiritual attainments, Baba stated:

Sabir was staying with his maternal uncle and had much wealth. Once, his mother asked him to prepare a vast amount of food and feed the poor. For twelve years he kept on feeding others, but during this time, he was living only on figs. He had become quite weak, and once his mother asked why he was not taking food cooked for others. He replied that he was told he should cook for and feed others, and so, whatever he was preparing, he was not eating himself.

Once, Sabir saw a flash of the divine light, and was so merged in it that he remained in that state of bliss for a year and a half. When he came to, he found himself sitting under a tree eating a fig. Such a state is called mukam-e-hairat [divine enchantment caught between the third and fourth planes]. He got that flash of bliss and became dazed. Can you understand his condition? It is infinite bliss, continuous bliss, eternal bliss, but not in ordinary human consciousness. It is infinite bliss, infinite knowledge, infinite power, but he cannot use them. Sabir had that Experience, and only a rare one knows what it is.


Infinite bliss is permanent and perennial. Happiness on earth is temporary and fleeting. It cannot be compared with infinite bliss of God.

(Lord Meher-pp-3247-1953)