On December 2nd, Rustomji Ratanshah, his wife and daughter-in-law came to see Baba in Kandy. Baba met them in the men's quarters and then took the two women to meet the women mandali. As he brought them in, a song was playing on the radio entitled, What Do You Know of Love? Baba repeated the refrain and asked the women:

What do you know of love? This love on the radio is Broadway love, but what do you know of real love?

Here is a story of an example of that love. There was a great saint named Zikaria. He would always do what pleased God. Once in a dream, God ordered him to sit under a certain tree. When he awakened, he went and sat there and never moved for five years, in spite of tears and pleading from his family and friends. Hearing about this, the king of the place sent his men, ordering Zikaria to come to him, but the saint would not budge. The king then ordered his men to saw him in half if he did not obey, and Zikaria let himself be sawed without moving!

This is an instance of great, real love, obeying God's order in a dream. And here you have God in person, who asks you to do such little things, and you cannot do it!


There is no trace of fear in true love for God.

(Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2647)