Baba had forbidden Aloba to stare at him. Each day, Baba would catch him at it, reprove him severely and have the Prayer of Repentance said. Once when Baba caught Aloba looking at him, after scolding him and then forgiving him again, Baba pleaded, "Can't you help me even a little? You love me; but help me in my work!"

Yet, Baba's daily castigation of Aloba for staring at him went on. It went to such an extent that it became difficult for Aloba even to glance at Baba. On account of this, Aloba was so distressed that he found it impossible to sleep. One day, Baba remarked, "You are growing old. Why do you look so tormented?"

Aloba now pleaded, "I am unable to follow your smallest instruction which causes you to get upset. Because of it, I cannot sleep at night."

Baba corrected him, "Why use your head? Just do as I tell you! By becoming wise, you yourself come to trouble!" Citing the following instance, Baba related:

Once a tipsy man, like yourself, came in contact with the Perfect Master Shams-e-Tabriz, and the man prayed to the Master to guide him on the Path. Shams advised him to do as he told him, without altering his original instructions by using his common sense. But the man could not refrain from doing so. Once, both of them came to a riverbank. They wanted to cross the river, but it was flooded. There was no way to go across it.

So the man asked Shams how they should proceed. Shams told him: "Follow me, repeating 'Shams, Shams!' “And while saying this, Shams stepped into the river and began crossing it. The man followed with "Shams, Shams, Shams!" on his lips.

After a while, he noticed that Shams, too, was saying something. Listening closely he heard Shams repeating "Allah, Allah! Allah!" and saw that the river was parting for him. So the man thought: "When Shams is saying 'Allah, Allah!' why should I say 'Shams, Shams?' "

And using his powers of reasoning, he stopped the repetition the Master had given him and began saying "Allah, Allah!" and was thus drowned!

Baba concluded, "Aloba, I have told you a thousand times: do as I say and don't use your discrimination or discretion. You come to trouble by doing so against my orders."

Aloba was always in such a hurry to carry out Baba's orders that even before Baba had finished giving them, without listening fully to the instructions; he would start to execute them.

One night, Baba dictated these poetic lines to Bhau:

"We walked so fast that even while nearing the Goal We could not check our speed and went past it!


There is great power in the name of Avatar and Sadguru. The word uttered by Avatar or  Sadguru is always true and never faults.