Dr. Ghani Munsiff

Khawaja Shamshuddin dedicated himself to the service and company of the spiritual Master Ali Ahmed Sabu. After a period, he was given true knowledge. He was later advised to take leave of his Master and at the same time to seek service in cavalry of the Sultan. When the Master had said this he also remarked, “the day you happen to work a miracle, that will be the day of my departure from earthly life.” Khawaja Shamshuddin became a cavalryman in the service of Sultan.

When the Sultan sought to capture the fortress of Chittorgarh and failed to do so after much effort, he searched for a saintly personality to intercede for him in the matter and pray for his success. In his search, he met an advanced spiritual man who said to him, “Why are you wasting your time wandering hither and thither? In your service there is a cavalry man who is Perfect One. If you prevail upon him to pray for you, the fortress will immediately fall. The truth is that God had decreed the fall of this fortress to be dependent on the words to be said by him.” “How am I to recognize such a one? ‘At midnight a great windfall will pass over the camp of your army extinguishing all the fires and torches but one. A lamp will be found burning despite the high winds and that will be the pointer to the man you seek.”          l

It happened, as the holy man had predicted. A cyclone wind developed, and the king found all the lights extinguished except one. Approaching that place, the Sultan found the saint deeply engrossed within himself and lamp flickering before him. When the saint raised his eyes, he found the Sultan standing before him, and immediately knew the worst. – The consequence of Sultan’s presence foretold the death of His Master. However, he received the king respectfully and asked why he had come at such an hour. The Sultan apologized for intrusion and expressing his ignorance of the real state and stature of th saint, requested him to pray for the fall of the fortress. The saint did his best to put the Sultan off, saying that the king was misguided and misinformed but he found the king adamant in his request. Ultimately the saint said; “I shall have to pray for your success but on condition that you immediately pay my salary and accept my resignation. Six miles from here I shall pray you desire, and as early the next morning you are to attack the fortress. It will fall to you. This means that my Master Ali Ahmed Sabu will bid farewell to his earthly life today.”

The king did as requested, and the saint prayed at a point six miles from the camp. The fortress fell to the attack of the Sultan the next morning.

Reaching Kalyar, Khawaja found that his master had indeed died, and that through lack of other attendants, the body was guarded by tigers and other wild animals. On his approach, they departed and left him to attend to the burial of the body of the Master Al Ahmed Sabu.


Avatar and Sadgurus are not affected by adverse worldly situations as they are the part of the situation or to say the situated are created by them.

(Over the years with Meher Baba, Bill Le Page, ed. 1999, pp-97)