Sam Kerawala

A man approached the Perfect Master Abu   Said, and requested him to tell something of the spiritual path. The Master said, “ The only thing I can say that your life and my life are of short duration, and we do not enough time to waste on talk. I suggest you to go home and start remembering him. That is the best advice I can give you.

he was also asked: which is the greater blessing of God- a long life or short life? Abu Said gave this beautiful answer: if life is spent exclusively in remembrance of Beloved then a hundred years of such life is too short a span. Whereas a life of twenty-four hours spent in sensual enjoyments is too much of a burden for the soul to bear.

While he was saying these words, a Youngman who had spent his life to date in sensual pleasures paid heed, and approached the Master, “I have heard your words. Can you help me?” The Master replied, “Yes I can.” But   the Youngman was from a very rich and aristocratic family, and he did not approach Abu Said in the manner befitting   one seeking help  from a Master. Then he  asked Abu Said, “ I here you give Divine Love.” “Yes I do.”

so the youngnan said, “Name the price for this love. I can afford to pay.” The Master replied that he he could not afford the price, but the man persisted, “no I can-I am very rich.” Abu Said smiled and said, “Divine Love is not for sale for mere gold and silver. But there is certain price which I demand for one to become my aspirant.”  “Name it.”   With that the Master reached under the mattress on which he was sated, and pulled out a huge meat chopper and said, “cut off your head as offering to me.” for a moment the Youngman was frightened, and the Master said, “quick! Don’t waste time! The price is very cheap if you have the will to do it.” And suddenly for that Youngman it was the right moment and the right words, and he said, “Give me the chopper!” As he was about to cut his throat, Abu Said stopped him, and then accepted him as his disciple. In that moment of life of the man totally changed.

Gist : Master always function, and they teach us that only thing important in the world is the intensity of desire to be one with the Beloved.   

(The Divine humanity of Meher Baba vol. III, Bill Le Page, pp-145)