Eruch Jessawala

There is a story of saint Tukaram. He lived in a hut with his wife and children, but with no means of livelihood. Yet his poverty was enriched by the Name of the Lord and the love of the Lord.  The ruler of the time, Shivaji, tried to provide Tukaram with wealth, sending a platter of jewels to him, which his wife received and was very happy. But when tukaram returned to the hut he said,”What are you trying to do? Do you want to become poor by possessing this?” and he snatched the platter and threw it in the river saying, “No, no, our wealth is something quite different! These jewels are pebbles, they are sands!  What will you do with these things? The treasure we are holding is something much more. This platter will reduce you to poverty, whereas our poverty is making us live in the palace of Lord, in his presence all the time!


One is bound to get what he prays for. God (Avatar or Sadguru) can give anything but at the same time God wants to think one as why, how and what to ask for.

 (Over the years with Meher Baba, Bill Le Page, ed. 1999, pp-111)