Mansari Desai.

A slave went around looking for work. He would tell those who might employ him that he would work for free, but that he had to be kept busy all the time. If an would be master failed to keep him occupied all the time, then he would eat him up.

The slave worked for a lot of different masters and ended up eating them all because, sooner or later, the master would run out of work for the slave.

Nobody knew to control this slave and all the masters who tried would eventually fail and be eaten. Then, there came a wise master. He had heard of the slave and agreed to hire him. Even when the slave explained the condition under which he would work, the master agreed. He told the slave to bring a ladder and set it up against the wall.

Then the master asked the slave to do some work around his house and told the slave that as soon as the work is done, he should start climbing up and down the ladder; that was his next job.

The slave finished his work and was happy that he could now eat up the new master when he suddenly remembered that the master had given him another task as well, to climb up and down the ladder.  So the slave kept doing this until the master came around and gave him some other work to do. But again he instructed him, “As soon as you finish this work, then your next job is to climb up and down the ladder,” This went on day after day, month after month and finally the slave died.”


In words of Mansari

Here slave is one’s mind.  The masters whom the slave ate up are ordinary human beings. The wise Master is the Perfect Master. Climbing up and down the ladder represents repeating God’s name.

Most ordinary humans are unable to keep their mind occupied, unable to control it and mind overwhelms them. However, under the guidance of the Perfect Master, constant repetition of God’s name, while attending worldly duties, keeps the mind under control and eventually quiets it.