William Shakespeare has said that “The entire world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players”. Unconsciously he has rightly said the spiritual truth. Meher Baba said “The world is a drama. You weep, you laugh- to weep and laugh again. It is all a tamasha (a show). When the inner eye is opened, you will see this clearly” (Lord Meher Online Edition Page 4744). It can be explained as under.
Every man or woman is destined by God to play certain role on the world’s stage in His Divine drama. Before performing a lifelong act, God feeds the role to be played in the form of thoughts, speech and actions in one’s subconscious mind of which man or women are not aware. There is difference between the worldly drama and Divine drama. In the Divine drama God makes the man or woman numberless copies of Himself. In other words God Himself is born as man or woman on the earth for playing a particular role. Or one can say that God hypnotizes Himself with the identity of the role to be played. The fact is that he or she is not aware of his or her original self (i.e. Godhood) during the divine drama (between birth and death). This is unlike the worldly drama, where the actors are very much aware of their real self viz. student, employee or shopkeeper etc. and the role being played by them on the stage viz. Laila, Majnu, Ram, Ravan etc.
In the Divine drama, after the role of an actor is over (death of a person), he or she is again sent on earth with different role in the drama. This is just like worldly drama where an actor or actress is given another role in the same or the other drama.
Reference Book: Divine Drama by Bob Mossman: The Valiant Life of Charles B.Purdom
Contributed by Dr. J Kumar Delhi



Spiritual truth is only one and hence the spiritual knowledge emanating from this truth remains the same irrespective of doctrines laid down in various religions or sects and teachings of saints, masters, God realized persons, Sadgurus and Avatars. This ultimate spiritual truth is “God is everything” or “God Alone exits” as said by Avatar Meher Baba. What we see besides God is nothing but illusion (maya). Since God is everything, obviously God is also the doer of everything. If the spiritual knowledge originating from this truth is to be summarized in a single sentence, it would be “world is like a film show of God’s dream”. In other words, it can be said that we are seeing the film show of the happenings in the dream of God on the screen of time. Now let us see how it is so.

Film show means:

  1. Everything is predetermined as it has already happened.
  2. Nothing can be changed.
  3. A particular scene or event can be seen only at the stipulated time, neither earlier nor later.
  4. The film is not reality. It is only a play of light and sound.

God’s dream means:

  1. All the objects of the God’s dream living as well non-living are God Himself.
  2. Since God is all the objects of His dream, obviously He is also the doer of everything in the dream.
  3. Ego (false self, i) of the man is nothing but illusion.

Dr. J Kumar Delhi


Gist of Avatar Meher Baba’s directive is to remember His name constantly and wholeheartedly as much as one can. This is only one thing which a Baba lover can and must do because it is the most simple and easiest way recommended by Meher Baba. This requires no separate time schedule, posture or place. Literate or illiterate both can do it. This is the only thing worth doing.This has been repeatedly emphasized by Meher Baba for His lovers in His messages, and discourses.

Theoretically, to remember Baba appears very easy but it is so difficult to practice. It is because when one starts repeating His name, he forgets after a time gap due to uninvited thoughts which infiltrate in his mind inadvertently. After a while thought to repeat His name clicks in his mind and he starts to repeat His name again. Make and break connection in repeating His name takes place inadvertently without one’s knowledge. This means, to repeat Baba’s name continuously without break is not in one’s control but in control of someone else who is none other than Meher Baba. In fact, it is God or Meher Baba who Himself gets remembered through anyone by implanting thought in one’s mind to remember Him and when one forgets to remember, He Himself reminds again to remember Him by infusing thought in one’s mind.

One must feel obliged to God (his Master) as Master gives an opportunity or infuses thought into one’s mind to remember God or Meher Baba, without which one cannot do it on his own. If one thinks and accepts it in totality, ego of his act of remembering will not enter in his mind and therefore will not bind him with ego sanskaras. Baba said, “Love for God is a gift from God” and remembrance is primary task to begin to love God.

So, one can just try to remember Meher Baba and have strong  will to remember Baba more and more so that one may not forget again and again. For this, one should start remembering Meher Baba right now and onward so that one may not forget to remember Him when his end approaches. Lord Krishna in Geeta and Avatar Meher Baba said, “Whosoever takes My name while breathing last comes to Me”, which means one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death.

Remembrance is most desirable not only for Baba lovers but for any God seeker who has faith in any religion, panth or sect. Anyone can remember God, (his Master) the way he likes. The power of remembering God’s name is great. Importance of remembrance of any name of God or naam-japa has been much emphasized in scriptures. Saint Tulsidas said “Kaliyuga keval naam adhara, sumir sumir nar utarahin para”. Perfect Master, Guru Nanak said, “Nanak nam jahaj hai chare so utre par”.

Dr. J. Kumar and B. Kumar,  (Delhi)


People generally believe that God is someone who has a unique form in terms of size, shape, colour and resides somewhere in the sky. Others believe that God is formless (Nirakar) as accepted by Nirankaris and Aryasamajis. But in truth God is both with and without form. God resides everywhere. There is no place in the universe where God is not. He is everything, living or non-living of the universe. It is like gold ornaments, which have different names depending on their shape and size, but in reality they are ONLY gold. In the same way all the objects of the universe in reality are only God. Since God is in everyone, obviously God is also the doer of everything. God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent hence, nothing is impossible for God. God in essence is pure consciousness and all pervading. His trio attributes are infinite power, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss. God is Parmatma (Oversoul). Man is Jeevatma (soul) bound in three sheaths of mental, subtle and gross bodies. These three bodies, under illusion of false self (ego, individuality) identifies itself as separate entity from the Paramatma (Oversoul), although it always remains within and one with Parmatma (Oversoul).

Relationship between God and man can be better understood by the help of similes because God is beyond comprehension by the limited mind. Therefore, an attempt is made to explain this relationship through following similes.

Simile no. 1

A man knows that this is my body. My body has two legs and two hands. They are workingat my commands and doing functionslike sitting, walking andrunning by legs and eating, drinking and doing other works by hands. Now if my hands and legs develop illusory false self (i, ego), they willthink that they have their separate existence and they are thedoer of all actions, not knowing that Real doer is myself and they are simply working under my commands. In this simile man refers to God; his body to Universal body of God (whole creation) and hands and legs to human beings. Allanimals and humanbeings are parts/organs of the Universal body of God and their minds are within the Universal mind of God. And all are working unknowingly as per will of God. However, human beings have false selves(i, ego) andconsiderthemselves to have separate existence and think thatthey are the doer.

Simile no. 2

World is like a stage of God’s drama where God has sent us as actors for playing a specific role by each of us. First God transformed Himself   as human beings. Then He hypnotizes each of us for a specific role to be played by us. Thus we forget our Real self (Godhood) and are conscious of only the character being played by us in the drama because of being hypnotized. This drama is unique in the sense that God Himself is all in one i.e. director, actors and the audience.

Simile no. 3

World is like dream of God. God is conscious of His dream state and knows that all the things of the dream viz. non-living and living things are His own creation and He Himself is all the objects of His dream. Since all the things of God’s dream are God Himself, it means we also are God. However, although God is aware of His Godhood in us, we are not aware of our true self (i.e. Godhood) because of our false identification with the limited body and mind (false self-ego). Since our existence (false self) is illusion and not real, we cannot be the doer, although we falsely consider ourselves as the doer of everything.

Simile no. 4

God is like an infinite shoreless ocean and all the worldly things living and non-living are like waves in the ocean. Though we are one with ocean (God)all the time from beginning till end of our existence, we identify ourselves separate from the ocean and other waves, because of our false self (ego) in form of waves. However, God knows that He Himself is the waves in the ocean.

Simile no. 5

God is like the infinite endless space (aakash) of the universe. We human beings are like pitchers having different size, shape and color. The space (aakash) inside all the pitchers is one and the same as the space (aakash) outside. However, different size, shape and colour of our pitchers develops false self (ego), we falsely identify ourselves different from each other. Thus in truth we are God but because of our false identification (ego) we think that we are different from our fellow beings and different from God. The moment the pitcher comprising gross, subtle and mental bodies are broken, we realize our true self (Godhood) and unity with our fellow beings (mankind).

Major differences between God and man

  1. God has Universal body and Universal mind- man has individual body and mind
  2. God is infinite- man is finite
  3. God has Real Self-man has false self
  4. God is the Real Doer- man is non-doer
  5. God has infinite consciousness-man has finite consciousness limited to his body


  1. God has infinite, power, knowledge and bliss-man has finite power and


  1. God is everywhere and everything-man is not
  2. God is reality/truth-man is false/illusion
  3. God knows that He is God-man does not know that he is God



Dreams within DREAM

At the outset, we must understand two facts about dream. First, dream is not real, a false experience of nothing and has no significance. Secondly, the dreamer is not aware that he himself is the creator of his dream; he himself becomes both the subject and objects of his dream and obviously he is also the doer of everything in his dream.

There can be two categories of dream, one is dream of God another dream of man.The universe, its objects and all events are within the dream of God. God Himself is the creator of His dream, becomes everything in His dream and obviously becomes the doer of everything also. Thus, the dreams of human being are dreams within DREAM of God.

There are three major differences between the DREAM of God and the dream of man.

First, God is conscious of His both states, one as dreamer (i.e. God’s state, Real Self) and second as the objects of His DREAM (i.e. false selves of human beings). God knows that He Himself is all living as well as non-living objects of His DREAM and He Himself is doing everything in His DREAM. Whereas, we are neither conscious that we are dreaming nor we are conscious that we ourselves are the objects of our dreams and we are doing everything.

Second, God dreams and comes out of His DREAM (i.e. end of creation) at His will. Whereas, we have no control over our dreams. We cannot dream or get out of dream at our own will.

Third, God dreams once a while. Whereas, we dream almost daily.

Dr. J. Kumar, Delhi


Everybody wants only good events to happen in one’s life. Good things are either materialistic or spiritual. Materialistic or worldly good events again can be categorized as immediate and delayed. One is more concerned with immediate good events or good results. For example, if one has to catch a train or flight, travels across the city and reaches in time, this is an immediate good event. However, if one is caught in the traffic jam and misses the train or flight and later comes to know that the particular train/flight met an accident, one thinks that it was good for him to have missed the train/flight. This is an example of delayed good event in the long run.Although as human beings one desires only immediate good events, may it be materialistic or spiritual but God bestows one only what is destined for him and good spiritually, may it be immediate or in the long run. Any worldly event may or may not be of immediate good for one but it is always good for one in the long run and for his spiritual benefit.God is never at fault. It is one’s incapacity to grasp the meaning underlying His acts and His will.

Dr. J. Kumar, (Delhi)



God is the Real existence in the creation and so obviously He is the only Real Doer of everything. He works at two levels. At first level He works as Real Self (Big I) for creating, maintaining and destroying the non-living things and primitive forms of living things of the universe.  At the second level He becomes false self (ego, small i) of human beings, where He Himself does everything using our bodies, minds and intellects. In other words, God is doing everything by becoming our false self (ego, small i). However, we human beings falsely think that we are doing everything through our bodies, minds and intellects. In reality we are not doing anything because we can’t do anything as we are nothing, non-existent, illusion like appearance of snake in a rope in darkness.  God is conscious of Real Self as well as false selves and knows that He Himself is both Real as well as false selves. However, we are conscious of only our illusory false self. Since our false self (ego, small i) is nothing illusion. Our journey from false-self (small i) to Real-Self (capital I) though involution comprising seven planes is also illusion or nothing as said by Avatar Meher Baba.

The statement “God has become we” means that God is everyone and He is the Real Doer not we. However, so long as we have the sense of doership, we should try to follow Baba’s wish which are as follows.

1-Do not shirk your responsibilities.

2-Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is  Baba's.

3-When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."

4. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in                this situation."

5-With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others.

Dr. J. Kumar  (Delhi)


Broadly speaking there are two types of self viz. Real Self (denoted as capital ‘I’) and false self (denoted as small ‘i’).

The Real Self is the Self of God-realized souls who identify themselves with the whole universe as one universal body and one universal mind.

The false self, as the name indicates is not real but only an illusion like appearance of snake in the rope in darkness. It is also called ‘ego’ and originates in an individual because of the false identification with its finite body and mind. This is present in human beings who are not God-realized.

Now the false self is again of two types viz. active false self (denoted as ‘i-a’) and non-active false self (denoted as ‘i-na’).  In case of ‘active false self’ the false self is active and so it has ego and considers itself as the doer of everything like talking, walking, eating, doing office or home work etc. Whereas, in case of non-active false self as the name indicates the false self is not active, not functional or you can say it is in dormant stage. Since the false self is non-active, there is no sense of doer-ship and ego. Here one considers oneself as non-doer and only witnesses the actions and things happening through one’s body and mind and things happening around him. This is called Sankhya Yoga mentioned in Sri-mad-Bhagwad Geeta.

So there are three types of self:

  1. Real Self (I) – In God-realized souls.
  2. Active false self (i-a) – In non god-realized souls where false self is active leading to presence of ego and sense of doer-ship.
  3. Non-active false self (i-na)- In non god-realized souls where false self is not active leading to absence of ego and sense of doer-ship. The practitioners of Sankhya yoga have this type of false self.

Sankhya Yoga is comparable to following Baba’s wish which is:

  1. Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's.
  2. When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."
  3. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in this situation."
  4. With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others.

All of above approaches as said by Baba is bound to remove the sense of doer-ship which is the principle of Sankhya Yoga. Any single approach can render one to get rid of doer-ship, annihilate ego mind and attain the state of God-realization.

N. B. Above rendering is based on scriptures.

Dr. J. Kumar  (Delhi)



One should make best used intellect and spiritual knowledge for his spiritual upliftment instead of teaching to others. Unless one has mastered a virtue, he has no right or authority to teach or preach the same. This is also because unless one is spiritually advanced, he cannot help others in their spiritual advancement

One should always try to help others in elevating their physical and mental well-being of considering that God dwells in everyone i.e. one should do selfless service to others. Best kind of service would be to inspire other towards spirituality to whom you are helping, because spirituality is the only solution of all worldly problems.

By Dr. J. Kumar