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God is the Real existence in the creation and so obviously He is the only Real Doer of everything. He works at two levels. At first level He works as Real Self (Big I) for creating, maintaining and destroying the non-living things and primitive forms of living things of the universe.  At the second level He becomes false self (ego, small i) of human beings, where He Himself does everything using our bodies, minds and intellects. In other words, God is doing everything by becoming our false self (ego, small i). However, we human beings falsely think that we are doing everything through our bodies, minds and intellects. In reality we are not doing anything because we can’t do anything as we are nothing, non-existent, illusion like appearance of snake in a rope in darkness.  God is conscious of Real Self as well as false selves and knows that He Himself is both Real as well as false selves. However, we are conscious of only our illusory false self. Since our false self (ego, small i) is nothing illusion. Our journey from false-self (small i) to Real-Self (capital I) though involution comprising seven planes is also illusion or nothing as said by Avatar Meher Baba.

The statement “God has become we” means that God is everyone and He is the Real Doer not we. However, so long as we have the sense of doership, we should try to follow Baba’s wish which are as follows.

1-Do not shirk your responsibilities.

2-Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is  Baba's.

3-When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."

4. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in                this situation."

5-With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others.

Dr. J. Kumar  (Delhi)