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Miseries and sufferings are blessings of God which can be understood through following examples.

A sick child pressurizes his parents for ice cream but his parents don’t give, scolds and even slaps because it is not good for him. The child thinks that my parents are not good. However, the truth is that parents are the best well-wishers and always think and do only good for their child’s welfare. Second example is when a doctor does an operation on our bodies to cure some ailments, although we may feel pain/sufferings but it is only for our good. Third example is of a man going on road and stumbles down and gets wounds. He blames God for giving this misery for no fault of his. However, he does not know that had he not fallen, a truck coming from behind would have hit him and he could have got serious injuries. Thus, God rather did mercy on him and saved from bigger miseries and sufferings.

Similarly, even though we do not like undesirable/unfavorable happenings in our life, the truth is that whatever God does i.e. whatever is happening in our life is always only for our good because God is our mother and father both and He is our best well-wisher. Even our miseries and sufferings are only for our good.

God never gives us miseries and sufferings. These are the outcomes of our own past bad karmas and Sanskaras as Prarabdh. God rather reduces and minimizes miseries/sufferings of His devotees by His mercy and blessings. Therefore, it is not proper to blame God for our sufferings, rather we should be grateful and thankful to Him for His mercy and blessings bestowed on us by converting our big miseries/sufferings into a smaller one. So we should never forget that whatever God is dong or what is happening good or bad in our life is all His will and it is best for us because of His love to His children as no parent will do anything bad for their children.

If we are getting severe miseries and sufferings in life, much more than others, we should think that God wants us to speed up our progress in spiritual journey of God-realization by cutting our past bad Karmas and Sanskaras rapidly. Thus, this is also His grace, mercy, and blessings on us.

So we should never worry for our miseries and sufferings and we should not worry also because of following reasons.

1-We should remember following Truths

  • God is everything and doer of everything
  • Everything is predetermined
  • What happens is only good
  • World is an imagination, nothing, illusion, immaterial like a dream
  • World is like a film show where everything is predetermined

2-Miseries and sufferings are nothing, illusion and immaterial like happenings of the dream.

3-We are not suffering. it is our false selves (i, ego which is nothing, illusion) are suffering and          that too in illusion.

4-It is actually God (who has become our false selves) is suffering consciously knowing that these sufferings are nothing, illusion, immaterial.

5-Our false selves are suffering due to our past Karmas / Sanskaras as per the Law of Karma. But all these are again illusion as the world itself is nothing, illusion, imaginary.

6-Think of story of Arjuna’s attachment with his son Abhimanyu who was killed in Mahabharat. On insistence of Arjuna to meet Abhimanyu when Krishna took him to Mrityulok to meet Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu told Arjuna that “I don’t know you. Our relation of son and father was only till we were in human bodies on earth. In past births many times I had been your father.” So we should not have any attachments with our earthly relations. We are in fact different souls having our individual journeys to our goal of God-realization. We have our own karmas and Sanskaras and on that basis we take births on earth to reap our karmas/Sanskaras as Prarabdha as per the Law of Karma.

7-Baba says:

  1. You should look upon physical and mental sufferings as gift from God. as they bring their own lessons of the futility of the passing and for the intrinsic worth of the Eternal.
  2. When you suffer, don’t worry. Say, “it is Baba’s grace.”
  3. Suffering is the keynote of the spiritual life. God loves most those who suffer most.
  4. At times, I give special prasad to the fortunate few, suffering and pain is the special prasad. This should be received with love for remaining happy.
  5. Do not consider suffering, pain, despair and the like as a sign that God has forsaken you. When I take cognizance of you and My eyes are set on you, then alone do these things beset you. These are My special prasad to the fortunate few.
  6. For My friends- I kill them-and it is highest Mercy on them. My Mercy and Grace to them are troubles and harassment.
  7. Generally, people think that their “Happiness” is a “Gift of God to Man” and their “Suffering” is due to the “curse” of God to man but one wonders to know that it is not so. On the other hand, “Human suffering” if accepted as God’s prasad, is indeed God’s blessings in disguise.
  8. When you suffer most, My full grace is upon you. If faced bravely and cheerfully, they could become the gateway of eternal happiness.
  9. Pain is My grace. This is real My mercy which descends on very very select few. These are My friends. These are My lovers to whom I give gift of sorrow and distress. It is gift much greater than gold of incalculable value and not given to all. This gift is only for My beloved children.
  10. Remember that I love most those whose hearts I pierce and who, though their hearts are wounded, stay with Me through thick and thin.
  11. Uninvited suffering is blessings in disguise. I am the One to take and not the One to give what you want as you want.
  12. Unprecedented suffering leads to unprecedented spiritual growth.
  13. We Masters can grant a world of gold, happiness and prosperity by their blessings but the rare gift of privations, troubles and suffering is destined only for a few.
  14. Suffering comes according to the law of karma and must be accepted with grace and fortitude. Your actions are the cause of much of your suffering which can be minimized.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar

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