When a person attains God-Realisation, he has infinite power, knowledge and bliss; and these intrinsic characteristics of inner realisation are the same in all God-Realized persons.

God-Relisation is the very goal of all creation. All earthly pleasures, however great, is but a fleeting shadow of the Eternal Bliss of God –Realisation; all mundane knowledge, howsoever comprehensive, is but a distorted reflection of the Absolute Truth of God-Realisation; all human might, however imposing, is but a fragment of the Infinite Power of God-Realisation.

All that is noble, beautiful and lovely, all that is great and good and inspiring in the universe is just an infinitesimal fraction of the Unfading and Unspeakable Glory of God-Realisation.

The Eternal Bliss, the Absolute Truth, the Infinite Power, and the Unfading Glory of God-Realisation, are not to be had for nothing. The individualized soul has to go through all the travails of pain and the struggle of evolution before it can inherit this Treasure; which is hidden at the heart of creation.

The state of perfection, in which the God-Man dwells, is beyond all forms of duality and opposites; it is a state of unlimited freedom and unimpaired completeness, immortal sweetness, and undying happiness, untarnished divinity and unhampered creativity.

The God-Man may be said to be the Lord and Servant of the Universe at one and the same time: as one who showers his spiritual bounty on all in measureless abundance, he is the Lord of Universe; and as one who continuously bears the burden of all and helps them through numberless spiritual difficulties, he is the servant of the Universe.

And just as he is Lord and Servant in one, he is also the supreme lover and the matchless Beloved. The Love, which he gives or receives, goes to free the soul from ignorance. In giving Love, he gives it to himself in other forms; and in receiving Love, he receives what has been awakened through his own grace, which is continuously showered on all without distinction.

If a person accepts, without reserve, from the bounty which the God-Man showers, he creates a link, which will stand by him until he attains the goal of freedom and God-realisation.

It is better to study God than to be ignorant about Him; it is better to feel God than to study Him; it is better to experience God than to feel God; and it is better to become God than to experience Him.

The true nature of God in its entirety is known to the aspirant only when he attains the unity with God, by loosing himself into his being.

The individual soul has to realise its identity with Supreme Universal soul   with full consciousness.

The real happiness which comes through realising God is worth all the physical and mental suffering in the universe; ten all the suffering is as if it were not.

It is not possible for a person to have slightest idea of that inexpressible happiness without actually having the experience of Godhood.

The happiness of God-Realisation is Self-sustained, eternally fresh, and unfading, boundless and    indescribable; and it is for this happiness that the world sprung into existence.

My existence is for this love and the Truth; and to suffering humanity I say:

Have Hope… I have come to help you in the winning the one Victory of all victories—to win yourself.