Ten States of God were illustrated in a chart.  In this chart, the Tenth State is named as the Beyond-Beyond State, and the Ninth State is named as the Beyond State of God.

Baba explained all ten states, and added:

The Beyond-Beyond State is referred to by Hindus as Paratpar Parabrahma and by the Sufis as Wara-ul-Wara. This Beyond-Beyond State is within everyone; but even if you think deep and deep and deep, it is impossible to comprehend that state. Being in the state of a devotee, I am invoking this Beyond-Beyond State of God.

Baba bowed down to Vibhuti and Bal Natu and asked Vibhuti to go near the dhuni and repeat: "Om Parabrahma Paramatma." Continuing his explanation of the chart, Baba stated:

All that exists is God. All that does not exist is also God. Now, what else is left? But that too is God. It IS so – a fact. Some may say, "Baba you spell these words on the board, but what of actual experience?" To them I say: "Wait!"

Baba asked Daulat Singh to repeat the prayer of Guru Nanak, "Tum Thakur tumpe ardas" (You are Lord and I surrender to You). Then Baba asked all the japwalas to repeat aloud, one by one, the names of God which they were repeating in the Agrakuti (Jhopdi Hut). Baba stated, "Take God's name sincerely, for God may hear someone and be touched."

After a short interval for lunch, Baba again started explaining the chart:

All is God. In this chart, there is a hint. It is that everything rests on seven – seven stages of the descent, seven stages of the ascent, and seven stages of the Third Journey. Today, I want to make clear what I mean by stalemate in the evolution of consciousness.

Creation is a game of unconscious Divinity becoming conscious God. God is most finitely conscious in stone, and is fully conscious in man. God in man is the same God Who is in stone, metal, vegetable, et cetera. The development of consciousness is a gradual process. In man, the evolution of form and the unfoldment of consciousness have come to an end. But man does not realize himself as God.

What is this that caused this mess? Why should not man realize himself as God when he gets a perfect form? The impressions of the gross world that stick one hundred percent to the individual as he goes on evolving the form caused this deadlock. God wanted consciousness to know Himself; but when He gets full consciousness, instead of knowing Himself, He sees the world. He knows the gross world and knows impressions.

Although it is possible for a man to know himself as God, what is it that draws him away? It is the power of the impressions of the first six stages of the first descent. Only when all these impressions are spent up, one knows himself as God. So, for this purpose, a man has to be born again and again, in the human form. This is what I mean by a stalemate.

While explaining these details, Baba closed his eyes and slowly opened them to indicate the gradual unfoldment of consciousness. When his eyes were opened completely, Baba looked around at all things, but not at his own body. This he explained can well be likened to the man who, having fully developed consciousness in a perfect form, knows all other things except himself (as God).

Pointing to the state of God in the Beyond-Beyond State Baba explained:

This state of God is beyond the comprehension even of God in the Beyond State. There is no beginning to it, and no end to it. It IS.

When God in the Beyond State begins to think of the Beyond-Beyond State, duality steps in. But first, in the Beyond State, the appearance of such a thought is impossibility. In the beginning, God is unconscious. Then He becomes conscious. Now, if He wants to know what the first experienced state of unconsciousness is, He will have to be unconscious again, which is impossible. Once the Experience of consciousness of God is gained, it is eternal. Even if such a One takes millions of incarnations in the human form, it is not possible to experience the unconsciousness of the Beyond-Beyond State again. Yet, I say the Beyond-Beyond State exists, and it is the original state of us all. In the Beyond-Beyond State everything exists, but as nothing.

Baba concluded by saying: "All this is an attempt to understand that which is beyond understanding. What is of real worth is actually to become God. Let us pray to God for this."

(1)  The Ten States of God are described in God Speaks, pages 168–201.

(Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, pp. 3928 – 3930)