1 Apparao M R. Ex. State Minister of Social Welfare of Andhra Pradesh Baba a told him, "I am happy with your work for Me. My grace will always be on you. I want you both to love Me more and more. I am God in human form." After Baba had embraced them, the couple left.
2 Ashoka An Indian emperor of the Maurya dynasty Ashoka  was  One of the greatest of the ancient rulers, he brought nearly all of India together. However, sickened of war, he turned from Hinduism to Buddhism, and thereafter professed nonviolence. He sent Buddhist missionaries from India as far as Greece and Egypt, and was largely responsible for transforming Buddha’s teachings into a world religion — Buddhism.
3 Bal Gangadhar Tilak Indian Political Leader Tilak was one of the pillar of Indian politics. All three were great, but Tilak was the greatest of them all. In politics, Gandhi was his disciple.
4 Begum Akhtar Ghazal Singer from Lucknow Your songs were my best birthday present. Your voice is matchless."
5 Brahmananda Reddy K. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh On his birthday, Baba sent this message: "Face life boldly and honestly. I am with you."
6 Chaing Kai-Shek Ex. President of China Baba complimented him: "He is a great soul, a philosopher and a practical leader, who above all is sincere."
7 Chiang Kai Sheikh Philosopher from China He is great  a man of great spirit, sincere and practical.
8 Churchill Political Leader He is clever and shrewd politician and sprit of Britain , which but for him would have failed.
9 Cripps Missionary Cripps is clever, sincere, shrewd and sympathetic toward India
10 Dr. Ambedkar Indian Political Leader Meher baba net Ambedkar at Bombay and told him," Join Hands with Gandhi and go along with him for an electorate. You can exercise your influence on your colleagues and I will help you internally.
11 Edward VIII King of England Baba said, " He has a past connection with me and will join me.“ He lived at the time of Shivaji”
12 Edward VIII king of England He has a past connection with me and will join Me.
13 Firoz Shah Mehta Indian Leader Pheroz Shah Mehta is one of the pillar of Indian politics. All three were great, but Tilak was the greatest of them all. In politics, Gandhi was his disciple.
14 Gangadhar Tilak Indian Political Leader There are three types of souls — man, saint and God-Man. The saints are higher than men, and the God-Man higher than saints. Among men, Gandhi is surely one of the greatest today. Some call him a mahatma, and some call him a fool. He has his weaknesses, but he is a great soul. [Gopal Krishna] Gokhale, [Lokmanya] Tilak and Pheroz Shah Mehta were the pillars of Indian politics. All three were great, but Tilak was the greatest of them all. In politics, Gandhi was his disciple.
15 Ghalib Poet He was a regular wine drinker and had once fallen down in a street so drunk that he was arrested and brought to the court. The magistrate coincidentally happened to be his disciple, who imposed a fine on Ghalib but paid it out of his own pocket. There upon Ghalib stated:
16 Gokhle Indian Political Leader Gopal Krishna Gokhale, was one of the pillar of Indian politics.
17 Hitler However crazy and brutal is sincere in his convictions and aroused a whole nation to face the world. He is perfect medium and actor who is playing  his role in the world drama.
18 Jawahar Lal Nehru Indian Political Leader He was matchless as a statesman and India will have to wait for another 700 years to find another jewel like him. Only when I come again, during My next advent on the earth there will be another like Jawahar Lal.”
19 Jawahar Lal Nehru Indian Political Leader He is a matchless as statesman and India will have to wait for another 700 years to find another jewel like him.
20 Jhon F. Kenedy Ex. President of America He was a great man, good and sincere. Dying as he did has not only made him immortal in mankind's memory and history, but it has given him a great push forward spiritually. However, although he was assassinated because it was ordained to be, it is not a good thing, and it portends more suffering ahead for the world.
21 Jhon Milton English Poet Milton was spiritually advanced, but did not attain beyond the second plane in the subtle world. He could see heaven and hell and that was how he was able to write Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. His books about heaven and hell depict the result of his personally seeing them.
22 Jinnah Indian Leader Jinnah is cleverest of the whole lot, has politics on the tip of his finger, is the best speaker, but he is not as sincere and sensible as Gandhi and Azad, who is a great scholar of Islamic literature.
23 John Milton Poet & philosopher Milton was spiritually advanced but did not attain beyond the 2nd plane. He was therefore able to write Paradise Lost and Paradise regained.
24 Krishnamurti J. D/o Annie Besant J. Krishnamurti is on 3rd plane and will remain there till he dies.
25 Lord Irwin Viceroy of England Baba disclosed The Viceroy Lord Irwin has spiritual connection with me for he lived at the time of Shivaji.
26 Maharani Shantadevi Maharani of Baroda Baba stated, "I am happy with Shantadevi that on my mere asking, she placed her Guruprasad Palace in Poona at my disposal. She had not seen me before, but she had love and reverence for me. I am not happy because she is a maharani or because she has wealth. I am pleased with her because she possesses honest love."
27 Mahatma Gandhi Indian Political Leader Baba disclosed Mahatma Gandhi has spiritual connection with me for he lived at the time of Shivaji. He will one day be perfect after 3 more births, General Dyer of jalianwala  Bagh shooting will be member of his esoteric cycle. Gandhi ji promised me when he met me in 1931 aboard Ship Rajputana that when India becomes independent he would join and be with me. These were his words. On 30-1-1948, Baba told the mandali in the morning that a significant event would take place that day. In the evening Adi Sr. gave the news of the assassination of Gandhiji.
28 Mussolini Political Leader Five years before, in 1940, Baba had stated, "Mussolini will eventually be killed violently; Hitler will commit suicide." In April 1945, Mussolini was attempting to escape to Switzerland, when he was captured and killed by Italian partisans. His body was brought to Milan where it was hung upside down for public viewing at a petrol (gasoline) station. But poor wretch Mussolini – his plight is pitiable. Literally wiped out! He is now playing second fiddle to Hitler.
29 Napoleon Political Leader Napoleon, though brave and clever, was proud, greedy, and vicious.
30 Nixon Ex. President of America Baba mentioned that Nixon was destined to become president. Nixon had a small "encounter" with Meher Baba's name when he attended the World's Fair in New York in 1964. Jane Haynes and her daughter Wendy were just leaving the Pavilion of American Interiors where there was a Baba booth, when they saw Nixon surrounded by a crowd, signing autographs. Jane thrust a copy of the "Universal Message" into his hand for him to keep, but, instead, with barely a glance, Nixon signed his name above Baba's and returned the brochure to Jane.
31 Phiroz Shah Mehta Indian Leader One of pillar of Indian politics
32 Raja Dharam Karam Bahadur King of princely states of Hyderabad Baba then emphasized, "But remember, after becoming a minister, look upon the world as illusion and God as the only Reality. And remember, for the benefit of humanity; always be guided by my instructions." The maharaja was deeply moved and agreeing with Baba's words left with his sons.
33 Rajaji Indian Leader He is best among the whole lot and is the only man who can face Gandhi and tell him boldly what he feels.
34 Rajaji [Chakarvati Rajagopalachari] Indian Political Leader Rajaji [Chakarvati Rajagopalachari] is the best among the whole lot: sincere, clever, capable, and sociable and above all, bold enough to face all situations, flexible to adapt himself to changing conditions, though not through weakness, but cleverness. Rajaji is not obstinate or rigid. He is the only man who could face Gandhi and tell him boldly what he feels. He would confront even a separation, if need be for principles, and is the only person whom Gandhi fears. He is a perfect Vedantist, spiritually-inclined, who has the courage of his convictions, which impresses all.
35 Raman Maharshi Perfect Master He achieved God-Realisation.
36 Roosevelt Political Leader Roosevelt is good, sincere and capable. He came to India and stayed in the same houseboat in Kashmir that I occupied in 1933. The owner himself told Norina and the Westerners this. Good at heart, he wants to help and does, but he has to face great odds in his country too. All these great leaders, who play their part in this world drama, will go; but even if they won't live to see the good results of all this destruction and devastation, they have played their roles well to bring about a new era of peace on earth, and hence are blessed. Baba concluded by stating: "All are mine — you as well as they."
37 Sanjeeva Reddy AICC President He had Baba's darshan at Guruprasad Poona and Baba's message of him was, " It is better to deny God than defy God. When a leader of a nation puts complete faith in God, God makes him the instrument to guide the nation rightly.
38 Sanjeeva Reddy N. King AICC President and Speaker Lok Sabha Baba said to him, It is better to deny God than to defy God.  To profess to be lover of God and then not to be honest to God, to work and to him is unpatrolled hypocrisy. Difficulties give us opportunity to prove our greatness by overcoming them. When the leader of the nation puts complete faith in God, God makes him the instrument to guide the nation rightly. We should think well of those who think ill of us.
39 Shakespeare Poet and Philosopher Shakespeare is presently Born in India as Brahmin and takes art in Politics and is sincere, selfless worker. for the country. his thought force of the past has been transferred into action.
40 Shelley, Poet Shelley, though not spiritually advanced, was a thorough gentleman, a lover of God and nature.
41 Shivaji AICC President and Speaker Lok Sabha Shivaji was brave, but less clever than Napoleon; yet Shivaji was not proud or greedy. He was guided in all his actions by his Guru, Swami Ramdas. Everything is fair in war, even trickeries, yet Shivaji actually offered his whole kingdom to his Guru. He had great administrative powers, pure motives and conduct; hence he was great in every way – the only great king of the Hindus since the time of Ashoka (2)
42 Stalin Political Leader He is also a great medium. What he did and achieved bow one else have done. Russia us always the deciding factor.
43 Stalin Political Leader Stalin is very cunning with his big mustache. He has proved a perfect actor in this great world drama, playing his part very well, giving a most astounding stand to Hitler and the attacks of the German army on their two thousand-mile front.
44 Thirumala Rao Ex. Member of Parliament Govt. of India & Lieutenant governor of Rewa) Baba advised Thirumala Rao, "Continue carrying out my instructions, love me and be scrupulously honest. Do not let [Prime Minister] Nehru and [President] Babu Rajendra Prasad down. Translate God Speaks into Telugu with all your heart." Baba touched a copy of the book and presented it to him for the work. Thirumala Rao was overcome by Baba's blessing. Baba embraced him and he left.
45 Tom Hopkinson Journalist and Professor in Royal College of Nairobi Baba said, "Every night when you go to bed, just for one minute think of me. But do not think of me as you see me now; think of me as I really am. Whatever you do leave everything to me — good or bad. God knows everything, so have that conviction and don't worry. It is I who put the words into your heart. Every day when you go to bed just think: 'I must see Baba in everyone everywhere — Baba as Baba,' and one day you will."
46 Tom Sharpley mother London She fortunate soul and 2000 years ago she had sheltered Jesus in her home for 2 days.
47 Vincent cott Daughter of Annie Besant She visited Baba who told her, "Annie Basent will be born as a man in India.
48 Winston Churchill Political Leader Churchill is the man to hold the position and grave responsibility at the moment. But for him, England would have already surrendered to Germany. The boldness, the spirit of opposition and fight Churchill awakened, and the courage he inspired in his nation, are truly remarkable achievements. Churchill is a clever and shrewd politician. He is the spirit of Britain, who, but for him, would have failed. How cleverly he handled the delicate situation about India. He got Parliament's vote of confidence, formed a new cabinet, brought in Cripps and cleverly shirked the entire Indian problem on to (Cripps') head and responsibility.




  1. The more you become a student the more are your chances of becoming a teacher
  1. When a good thought come do act upon and when a bad thought comes do not act upon
  1. Greatness lies in not overlooking small things
  1. It is good to use discretion in all things, before coming to any decision, give more impotence to heart than head. The judgment of heart should be began preference.
  1. Pride & anger, greed & lust are all different from need. You may think I need all that, but this is mistake. If you are thirsty in a desert, what you need a good water not lemonade
  1. Anger is a whirlwind which blows out the lamp of mind
  1. Give without a thought of return & serve without thought of reward
  1. If understood life is a jest.

If understood life is a pest

Once overcome life is at ever rest.

For pilgrims of the path life is a test

When relinquished through love life is at its best.

  1. Desire nothing except desire less-ness. Hope for nothing except to rise above all hopes. Want nothing & you will have everything.
  1. Your own religion if put into practice, is sufficient to bring salvation to you. It a mistake to change one’s own religion for that of another, the surrounding and circumstances in which you find yourself best suited to work out your destiny or to exhaust your past sanskaras.
  1. You surrender your head to barber; when you want to get your hair cut till the work is done, similarly you must surrender yourself to a Sadguru if you want God realization.
  1. Love can attain what intellect can fathom.
  1. What is most difficult thing is to be perfect human being
  1. God cannot be explained. He can not be argued about, He can not be theorized nor can be discussed and understood.
  1. The more you discuss, God the less you understand. So love God & become God.
  1. Do not try to understand God through intellect. If you try to understand, either you mis to understand or misunderstand Him..


  1. God needs not to be confused with intellectual conviction regarding god & creation. Just as head is not to be confused with hair nor the things with its shadow.
  1. How can one attain Godhood, You can earn livelihood with the sweat of your brow and you can earn Godhood with the blood of your heart.
  1. Give up the world

Give up the other word

Give up the desire of self realization

And give up the sense of giving up.


  1. There are few among the purely intellectual, who can establish a life of obedience to a perfect master, and still fewer still who can maintain it.
  1. Where imagination ends god is & godhood begins
  1. Beware of anger. The anger of Sadguru is beneficial to those connected with Him and to others but the anger of an ordinary man is harmful. If someone speaks angrily with you be humble with him. If the humility does not affect him then you should touch his feet.
  1. One should either be crow or swan, but not a henon, witch is white on the outside but black on the inside. Also always be at distance from the riches and woman of others.
  1. Three actions are bad. Lust, Anger & Greed. Anger is the worst. (LM-p-2798)


  1. It is not only desire, but a keen inner longing that in time brings one into contact with a true saint or the master. (LM –p-2780)


  1. By powdering charcoal its colour does not changes, in the same way whether a man is good or bad his nature never changes (LM-p-767)
  1. Stick to the truth at all cost, even if it means giving political life.

Do not try force nonviolence on unwilling adherents, nor even try to establish it, since it is already eternally establishes (LM-p-2739) Message to Gandhi on 6th Dec, 1941.

  1. Do not meditate mechanically. Meditate in form of a prayer and get so much drowned in it that you loose every thing. An Arab has always worn a golden ring. He was great lover of God and when he prayed he forgot every thing. Once he was praying, a thief cut his finger and stole the ring but the Arab was so engrossed in prayer that he did not feel the slightest pain. That is called prayer.
  1. Just as there are seven planes of consciousness –seven spiritual states, so also are seven states of understanding. These seven states of under- standings are
  1. Instinct: animal world
  2. intellect: human some true sometimes not
  3. inspiration : those humans whose feelings are developed
  4. Intuition: advanced souls always true
  5. Insight :4 th & 5 th planes
  6. Illumination: Seeing God as He is
  7. Realization: understanding God as Himself.
  1. Dog only sees the things as that ordinary human being can not.The Dogs company purifies thought and atmosphere. That is why; Zoroastrians have custom of bringing a dog to see the corpse when some is dead before disposal of the body .Dog purified cascaras,
  1. Godmad: zero plane
  • Majoob: 5 th & 6 th Plane
  • Masts: 3 th , 4 th & 5 th plane
  1. Fire is symbolic of love, and word represents the lower self which is necessarily meant to be burnt in that fire.
  1. Baba questioned “where is God” to Mandali

Jahagir Wankadia said everywhere.

Vishunu said in the soul

Nilu said it is the heart

One expressed inability it is eternal question

Finally Donkin said in Baba, Baba is God (in Byramangla, 28th Aug,   1939, L M-p-2447)

  1. There is no pleasure in the uncertainties of life as I know everything. The only pleasure for me is to lighten the burden of my appointed duties. (Baba said when Dhuni was lit on 12th Jan in Meherabad in memory of death of Upasani Maharaj)
  1. When a perfect master gives charity to poor and needy people, the recipient serves as mid-win for spiritual benefit that accrues to the world including recipient themselves.
  1. Baba classified masts in 8 categories
  2. Jalali– hot tempered
  3. Jamali –mild tempered
  4. Mahboobi –wears article of feminine attire
  5. Ittefaki –intoxicated with love or God accidentally
  6. Madarjad – born mast
  1. Babajan gave me –Divine Bliss

Sai Baba gave me –Divine Power

Maharaj gave me –divine knowledge

  1. You live in water not knowing what water is
  1. “God is equal to MeherBaba said Bundle shah a mast in Poona in 1943
  1. “The avatar sanctifies the water in any river when His feet are in it.” Baba remarked when he visited Sahastrdhara, a part of Narbada river near Mandals- Jabalpur where people go for pilgrimage while dangling his feet in the water)( 28th Dec, 1938 LM-p-2353)
  1. “All sanskaras of my circle members will be wiped of as that day. All will be free of sanskaras” (Baba explained to pleader on 8 th Oct 1938 - LM-p-2329)
  2. There are always 56 God realized souls. Now out of these 56 five are sent to the world. But in every Avataric period, these five become one thus demonstrating the circle when avatar appears in form. Therefore Avatar exists in the heart of these five as one. These five are God realized like the Avatar. All are one, but in avataric period the Avater is equal to five Sadgurus. Thus five Sadgurus make one Avatar –that is long and short of it. Therefore if a Sadguru were to show their hearts you would find me in them. Five are always alive. Babajan left her body, the one in her place need not necessarily be in Poona but there must be five in the world. (Published in Meher Baba Journal -1933 titled “I am the Avatar” written by Meher Baba L M-p-2324)
  3. Stick to the truth at all cost , even if it means giving up your whole life , Do not try to force non violence on unwilling adherents , nor even try to establish it, since it is already eternally established ( message to Gandhi by Meher Baba , 5th Dec , 1942 L M-p-2739)
  1. Only Sadguru can alter, divert, or destroy this course that is he can change the course of person’s destiny. This automatically occurs once a person comes in contact with such as Master. Unless all the experiences are wiped out totally. There is no chance realization for the disciple and only Master can do it. (L M-p-1203)
  1. Fundamental truth of all religion is really the same , because all issue from the source of God but the Avatar consider the time, circumstances and prevailing mentality of the people before the public manifestation He therefore preaches doctrines best understood and best suited to such condition.( part explanation by Baba to Paul Brunton free lance journalist from London in interview about His Mission-L M-p-1347)
  1. Three types faith
  2. Intellectual faith
  3. Faith by sight
  4. Faith by experience

(Said by Baba to C B Purdom in England)

  1. To be in Satsang means to obey the Guru’s order.
  1. Mantra is very beneficial to neophyte on spiritual path particularly so when it is given by Guru. The first & immediate result accruing from the oft repetition or the word or words is the concentration of mind on the subject to be gained. Secondly, the sound vibrations as a result of continuous repetitions induces, in course of time a harmonious sympathy to the sounds of vibrations of higher planes endangering a blissful feeling–a factor greatly encouraging to beginner.
  1. Life of spirit cannot be a life of uncritical imitation; it must have its basis in the understanding of values.
  1. The esoteric fact which I want you to remember is that Beloved (God) is more keen and eager to realise the lover (Man) than the latter’s anxiety and longing for such a union.
  1. My mission in life is to kindle the divine spark of love in all. Love is the secret to remain a secret save for one who receives it and keeps it.
  1. Accept it as a spiritual fact that every living spiritual master charged with duty effect the surroundings according to the scope of his work. As the master so the atmosphere.
  1. Saints are as nerves in my body.
  1. when one remains fully & completely resigned to the Divine will of God, all service , solitude, seeking & surrenderance merely symbolizes one’s love for God.
  1. True upwas is not starving of stomach but fasting of mind.

(P-112, 156 of sound of silence)

  1. It is not your love for me that matters; it is my love for you that counts. One who does not seek my blessing and desires nothing from me but to be able to obey me and serve me is my true
  2. Most persons suffer because of their karma. A few suffer for others. Masters suffer for the whole universe."58. "God is not to be learned or studied or discussed or argued about. He is to be contemplated, felt, loved and lived.





(Compiled by Sh. A.K. Mehernath of Chennai)
1 Blue Bus Used By meher Baba in mast tours The blue bus is like the Chariot of Krishna and has to be preserved. After my manifestation people will consider it as sacred
2 Coconut Grove Kottapeta.  Andhra Pradesh This place is connected with my earlier advent as Rama. The owner of this Grove is fortunate. 1/3/9154
3 Full bright Ground Spain Baba witnessed bull fight. Two bulls were killed in fight. Baba said," The two bulls are fortunate. They will reincarnate next as human beings and rapidly advance in the path as they were killed in My presence. 1/3/9154
4 Portofino Place Baba  said I often incarnate as unknown Master ( minor advent) and I came here with some of my disciples including some who are here now with me. In those days there were no houses or no buildings but only some huts.
5 Warrior a pet dog Warrior was Baba's dog and was brought temporarily from spirit world. Baba said," Whenever Warrior got ill I saw that if he died within 3 days he would have to take another bush and hence I postponed his death." For warrior no more births. 1/3/9154



1 Aurobindo Ghosh Saint of 6th Plane Previously, he was a political leader like Gandhi. When he got the breeze of spirituality, he left everything.  He did not care for politics.  He did not care for independence of India, and he did not care for the world.  He cared only for God.  And because he got the longing for God, he went on progressing and progressing on the spiritual path.  He progressed up to sixth plane.  But further progress is not possible without the grace of the Perfect Master or the Avatar.  Aurobindo was experiencing the effulgence of God everywhere, and this state was just like that of a 'fish out of water'- a state of great longing, rather, infinite longing for the union with God.  Ultimately, My grace fell on him, and he became One with God.
2 Annie Besant Saint It is all humbug. The Theosophists, including Mrs. Besant and Krishnamurti, do not have even a whiff of the Truth. They say that the spirit of the World Teacher will manifest itself through the medium of this boy in the world, and that the chief "wire-puller" of this show is supposed to be somewhere in the Himalayas.
3 Balak Meher Saint In central India [Madhya Pradesh], took the boy Balak Meher to be the Avatar, and I instructed him that he should not allow anyone to kiss his feet and worship him because without authority it is binding. When I ordered Mungalananda to observe 40 days' silence and fast, Balak Meher followed him as he was leaving the camp and said: "Heed Baba's orders and follow them! Whatever Baba has to give you, he will give, and whatever I have to give you, I will give." Saying this to him, he returned at once and took his seat on the dais. Somehow I came to know of it and he confessed his mistake. I cautioned him not to do this in the future and treated him lovingly. Mungalananda was in the habit of discoursing on Vedanta to the sahavas group, so I sent him away.
4 Bayazid Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
5 Chishti of Ajmer Perfect Master Baba elucidated that Nizamuddin Auliya   Bualishah Qalandar and Chishti of Ajmer were all Sufi Perfect Masters.  He mentioned that Chishti was even considered to be on the same level as Muhammad; however, he was not equal to the Prophet, but the Qutub-e-Irshad of his time — the head of the spiritual hierarchy. Chishti established Sufism in India, and his tomb-shrine in Ajmer is a greatly revered place of pilgrimage.
6 Chishti of Ajmer Perfect Master Baba elucidated that Nizamuddin Auliya   Bualishah Qalandar and Chishti of Ajmer were all Sufi Perfect Masters.  He mentioned that Chishti was even considered to be on the same level as Muhammad; however, he was not equal to the Prophet, but the Qutub-e-Irshad of his time — the head of the spiritual hierarchy. Chishti established Sufism in India, and his tomb-shrine in Ajmer is a greatly revered place of pilgrimage.
7 Dnyaneshwar Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
8 Gadge Maharaj A Saint  of Pandharpur Baba said "There are many good saints in India. There are some on the Path. Some are advanced souls. There is one, Gadge Maharaj, in the Deccan. He is a great one.
9 Hafiz of Iran Perfect Master There has been no poet like Hafiz for the last 2,000 years. All Urdu and Persian poets have taken inspiration from his works."
10 Judas Apostle of Jesus Christ Baba said, "Judas served me the best. What he did no one else could do, so he served Me the best. He was one of the God realised disciples.” At that point, everyone started wondering about this and that, and about the suicide of Judas. Baba said Judas did what he did under a veil - he couldn't have done it otherwise –whereas peter did it consciously.
11 Kabir Perfect Master Baba mentioned other mystical poets who were realized. "Kabir's poetry has a beauty all its own — simple, yet deep in meaning, and interesting. Kabir, by nature, was quiet and mild
12 Maulana  Saheb of   Saikhed Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
13 Maulana Rumi of Iran Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
14 Moses Sixth plane Saint Moses was on the sixth plane. His seeing the land of Israel but was not able to enter it is symbolic of his experience on the sixth plane of seeing God, but yet not merging in Him. Though, when He dropped his body Moses realised God. I liked this picture very much; it was well acted and well made. It has much to give those who are able to receive it. Rameses (II) in his next incarnation entered the Path; the old Pharaoh (Seti) received mukti, because he took Moses’s name when dying.” Moses was not an Avatar, he was on the sixth plane (Baba told them all this), but Abraham was an Avatar.
15 Muktabai Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
16 Nanak Perfect Master Guru, Nanakji, on the contrary, was very hot-tempered.
17 Ramakrishna Paramhans Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
18 Sabir Saheb of Iran Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
19 Satya Sai Trantric He was a tantric (magician) and using tantric powers of his so-called “miracles,” which were magical tricks.
20 Seemab Perfect Master In 1958 sahwas, someone was singing a ghazal of Seemab. The ghazal followed “Mujhe gale laga ke na chorna, meri zindagi ka sawal hai.” (Don’t leave after embracing me; it is a question of my life and death). Baba stopped the singing of a ghazal written by the deceased Urdu poet Seemab. Apparently, so touched was Baba by Seemab's composition that He was quiet for a moment and then declared before the stunned audience, "I gave mukti [liberation] to Seemab just now."
21 Shams-e-Tabriz of Iran Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
22 Shuddhanand Bharati Saint Baba remarked to Shuddhanand Bharati, "You will do My work because you are now my devotee, and you have the background of devotion and fame behind you. I am the Light of the Universe. Once when you get a glimpse of the Truth you will know me, and you will have that glimpse." Baba then handed Bharati the shawl Chari had given him.
23 Sopan Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
24 Swami Ramdas Perfect Master Real flowers of humanity —Baba flowers of spiritual power!
25 Tukaram Perfect Master Tukaram also wrote beautiful abhangs.



(Compiled by Sh. A.K. Mehernath of Chennai)
1 Abdulla Haroon Jaffer  Disciple Like others Abdulla Jaffer in his life had loved Me with all his heart.
2 Abdur Rahman (Munshi)  Disciple Munshi was Aurangzeb and he returned to My Darbar due to his past connection with Me
3 Adi K. Irani Disciple & Secretary He was Shivaji’s wife when I was Shivaji
4 Khak Saheb Disciple-composer & Singer If God cannot be moved by such a beautiful performance, then God must be either deaf or dead!
5 Alu Satha  Disciple You are My saint Teresa. Remember Me as she did. When you die you will see Me, and I will see you. I will give you bliss after death."
6 Anita De Caro Disciple It is because of love that I have drawn you to Me. If I did not love you, you would not come to Me or care for Me. It is not your love that has brought you to Me; it is My love that has drawn you to Me.
7 Anna Saheb Kale  Disciple Anna Saheb (Kale), and his brother, is just the opposite. He is a man with a well-balanced mind, a systematic worker. His faith and love for Me are exemplary. He does all types of work for Me. He even works in the cinema to earn money for expenses connected with My work. After all, the money spent for My work is given to me by My disciples.”
8 Arjun Supekar  Disciple From my standpoint, it is good that he died. He was seeing me in my real form for three days before his demise, and he is now with Me. He has been given a great (spiritual) push.
9 Arnavaz Dadachanji Disciple She is another jewel. She is the wife of Nariman Dadachanji, and all the family are My lovers for the last 20 years.
10 Baidul  Disciple Baidul is the Sardar (Chief) of masts. In mast work he tops the list. The personal services rendered by him to Me are unique.”
11 Bal Natu  Disciple If you want to live, live life in such a way that life itself is completely satisfied, and dies in such a way that you scare death itself.
12 Behramshah D. Jessawala (Papa)  Disciple Papa has come to Me forever.
13 Bhau Kalchuri Disciple He was John when Baba was Jesus in his past incarnation and last incarnation was Khodadad Irani (nicknamed Nervous)
14 Bua Saheb Disciple He was a Chinese emperor in a previous life, and Jalbhai was his Wazir (minister). Both were opium addicts — and its effect is still there! Baba also revealed Bus Saheb was Afzal Khan when He was Shivaji.
15 Col. M. S. Irani Relative of Meher Baba The Colonel is fortunate to be remembering Me — no matter how."
16 Delia De Leon (Leyla) Disciple You are very lucky to have met Me now," and It's not luck that brings you here.
17 Deshmukh C. D.  Disciple Dr. Deshmukh is My very learned lover. Seeing Me going to masts and bowing down to them, he began doing the same. On one occasion he was said, "Do not want Me to want what you want, but want what I want you to want."
18 Dhakephalkar M.R.K.  Disciple Dhake has been with Me for nineteen years. He is no fool. He is an intelligent lawyer. He has received no temporal benefit from Me. His wife has just died and yet there has not been the least difference in his love and devotion toward Me. I called him and told him to give up his legal profession and do My work, and he has agreed to do so.”
19 Dr. Neelkanth Godse  Disciple Nilu was particularly fortunate to have breathed his last in My physical proximity, and it is as he would have wanted it.
20 Dr. Thota Dhanpathyrao  Naidu  Disciple Dhanapathy's mind, through love for Me, has also gone out of order!' Now he says, 'There is a mast here.'
21 Dr. William Donkin  Disciple Dr. Donkin's deep love for Me, unshakable faith in Me and unparalleled service for Me are beyond praise. Don comes from a wealthy family. His faith and love for Me are unique. He serves in the army for me alone, saves money for me and always gives me help.
22 Edke G. P.  Disciple There are many others like Edke, who all their lives have loved Me with all their heart.
23 Elcha Mistry  Disciple As a pastime, I feel like pulling his hair as kings of yore did to their jesters, who had to keep smiling as their hair was yanked.
24 Eruch Jessawala S/o Kaikhusuroo Jessawala Eruch is My Peter. Peter renounced Jesus but Eruch will not renounce Me. If I ever liked the company of anyone it is that of Eruch. He is most reliable. Eruch loves Me very much. He is My right hand; but obedience is a terrible affair.
25 Fardoon Naosherwan Driver (Padri)  Disciple He is one of the four pillars of Meherabad. He works without any desire. He is service personified. He Has rendered great service for the last 25 years. For instance,  Padri, has not even the desire to know anything spiritual. All he wants and all he desires is to work for Me.
26 Framroz Hormusji Dadachanji (Chanji)  Disciple Chanji was a kind man with a forgiving heart, and he never hated his former wife and partner for what had happened. Due to Chanji's influence, his entire family — his parents, four brothers, one sister, their spouses and children — and numerous other Parsis and Iranis in Bombay, eventually devoted their lives for My cause. On his demise Baba said, Chanji has come to Me forever. He has joined Me eternally and no one should worry.”
27 Francis Brabazon Disciple I have known you for ages. Baba remarked, "but you don't remember it. Baba assured him, You will come to know it is true."
28 Francis Brabazon Australian Disciple I have known you for ages. Baba remarked, "But you don't remember it. Baba assured him, You will come to know it is true."
29 G.S.N. Moothy Disciple Baba said to him, "You are my Vivekananda. Go to all place sand meet all people to unfurl Baba's flag in their hearts. Remember that it is always Baba who speaks in you."
30 Gabriel Pascal Disciple Baba gave His old Padukas as His Prasad and said, "You have very deep connection with me and will work for me in future through Motion pictures. I myself have drawn you to me and you are My Phoenix".
31 Gaimai Jessawala Eruch's Mother She will be My mother in My next advent after 700 years
32 Gulmai K irani Mother of Adi K. Irani You are My spiritual mother. I have a past link with you since My life times. I am telling you the fact that I am your son. You are most fortunate woman. She was Mother Jijabai when I was Shivaji. She is very fortunate that I was present at her burial." Gulmai was, in fact, the first person to be buried on Meherabad Hill.
33 Irene Billo Disciple You should be happy. Your father was very lucky. He died like Vivekananda, without suffering. He is free. All relations of those who are with Me, whether they know Me or not, or even if they do not believe in Me, get salvation. Krishna has said, 'Seventy-two generations of such lucky ones get liberation — mukti.
34 Jehangu Sukhadwala  Disciple Whatever job you undertake, do it with all sincerity, honesty, and with dedication. No one will be able to bend even a hair of yours."
35 Jal S. Irani  Disciple Buasaheb was a Chinese emperor in a previous life, and Jalbhai was Wazir (minister). Both were opium addicts — and its effect is still there!"
36 John Boss  Disciple John Bass is My left hand, Ivy is My right hand and all of you are My throat! So how can these two hands throttle Me? Is it possible? Suppose there is a red ant; it is possible the right hand might slap the left hand in killing it.
37 Kaikhushru J. pleader  Disciple Normally, I do not go to dead body, but here is My special person, I have freed him today in all senses, and he has not to come back.
38 Kaikobad Feram Dastur Disciple Kaikobad, after leaving this body, will be released from the cycle of births. Therefore, he will not require another form.
39 Kharman Masi Disciple She was Buddha's Aunt, and will be My father  in My next advent after 700 years
40 Khodadad Farhan Irani (Nervous)  Disciple Those who are buried here are fortunate. Because of Nervous, they are having the opportunity of seeing Me today. Here Nervous was to be buried.
41 Khodadad Rustom Irani (Khodu-Sailor) Disciple Sailor has been with Me from childhood. He has a thousand defects, but his love and faith in Me have been of such a high order that all his defects are of little consequence.
42 Khorshed Irani Disciple Dear Khorshed has come to Me to rest eternally in Me.
43 Mani S. Irani Sister of She was Subhadra when I was lord Krishna. My sister loves Me very much. She does not worry about anything. She simply obeys Me. From morning until night she is working for Baba. She knows Baba is God and loves Baba as God.
44 Margaret Craske Disciple It is your love that brought Me here.
45 Mary Backett Disciple My Archangel Mary has come to Me after fulfilling her appointed task. Be happy in My love.
46 Mehera S. Irani Chief Disciple She was the purest soul in the universe and she loved Me as I ought to be loved. She is My "Radha". She is My very breath without which I cannot live.
47 Mehernath Kalchuri  Disciple He is incarnation of Jal Kerawala (also disciple of Meher Baba)
48 Meherwan Jessawala Disciple Baba complimented him, "He is Eruch's brother and My jewel, an original jewel. From head to foot he is Mine."
49 Minoo Kharas Disciple True love never expresses itself outwardly. Love makes one forget oneself from head to foot."
50 Nonny  Gayley Disciple Nonny was one of My greatest lovers. She always gave spontaneously for My work. It is because of her great share of timely contributions, among others, that the center plan could be presently started. Funds will come, and come in plenty, but to the dear, departed soul goes the credit of starting My work that is to serve mankind's greatest need. I am happy her dear name will be connected and perpetuated with this unique institution. Baba had given Nonny mukti – liberation.
51 Norina Matchabelli Disciple She was Draupadi when I was Lord Krishna. She had been My mother twice and father once. She had been Joseph, father of Jesus. Spiritual sister & She will be is mother in His next in His next advent after 700 years She is the only person who has My spiritual thought transmission.
52 Pendu  Disciple He is one of the four pillars of Meherabad. He works without any desire. He is service personified. He Has rendered great service for the last 25 years.
53 Phyllis Otts Disciple She was assured not to grieve as the child she has aborted. The said child has been passed on by Me to G.S.N. Moorty’s wife in Calcutta who had no children for 20 years and wanted one.
54 Pilamai Disciple You are My spiritual sister, I have past link with You . You are most fortunate.
55 Ram Chandra Gadekar Disciple Ram Chandra Gadekar was Jatau (a bird) in past incarnation. Because he had given his life while fighting with Ravana, he came so close to Me in this Advent. He was also reborn as Shambhaji Bhonsle (eldest son of Shivaji) in My mini advent as Shivaji. Gadekar is a person who comes to tears by talking of the good qualities of others. I won't talk much about him. He is a smiling Buddha (he was rotund in shape) and a bhola bhakta (guileless devotee). He has passed through ups and downs, but he has never left Me. Although he has all along been serving Me, he told Me yesterday that it is a great pity that he does not get opportunities to serve Me.
56 Ramchandra Kale Bapuji (Kalemama)  Disciple Kalemama is the personification of "restless rest." The state of this disciple is well described by Gustadji, who refers to him by making a whirling sign with his hand. For such a restless man to have 100 percent faith in Me and stick to Me for years is a yoga which would not have been possible for Me.”
57 Ramjoo Disciple My dear Ramjoo has come to Me to rest eternally in Me.
58 Raosaheb Afseri  Disciple He is an old, old friend of Mine in a new disguise. He loves Me intensely."
59 Sadashiv Patel Disciple He was Tanaji Malsure when I was Shivaji. Sadashiv (Patel) is My right hand. A paralyzed hand, although becoming revitalized at times.
60 Sampath Aiyangar Disciple There are also others such as Bua Sahib, Munshi ji, Sampath Aiyangar and so forth who served My Cause with unimpeachable integrity of character before dropping their physical bodies- For each one of them a separate flower is placed in the Foundation of the Memorial tower.”
61 Sarosh K Irani  Disciple He has been in contact with Me for 25 years. He has dedicated everything to Me. He gives all his income to me. Give up everything and come to Me, I will make you king.
62 Savak Kotwal Disciple He has dedicated all his life to Me. His service has been unique. What yoga, concentration or meditation can be compared with this great service?
63 Sankaracharya Meher Baba In Mandala 60 miles from Jabalpur It was said that Sankaracharya had his seat here about 2000 years ego. I  was Sankaracharya in an in between incarnation.
64 Sheriyar Moondegar Irani Father of Meher Baba Bobo's death, however, is not sleep. He has gone beyond it and is awake forever! He is emancipated and has gained mukti (liberation).
65 Shireen S. Irani Mother of Meher Baba It was said to his mother; in order to get married there must be a man and a woman. God has put Me in such a state that I do not find anyone else in the world but me. I experience Myself to be in all. How can I get married? Have you given Me birth? I who first gave you birth and then you bore Me. I was your mother in the beginning of creation. It is good Memo died before I came. Had she not died, I would not have allowed her to die, and she would have suffered greatly. She would have slowly recovered, but she would have been paralyzed for life."
66 Shivaji Meher Baba Baba said," I have similar stature as that of Shivaji and My present from is similar to Shivaji in many ways. The seeds of my circle were laid 400 years ego at the time of Shivaji. I have now laid the seeds of the New circle to be which will be completely manifested in 400 -500 years from now.
67 Sitaram Dattatrey Deshmukh (Chagan) Disciple How can I describe the love of Chhagan? He has been with Me from the beginning.
68 Sullo Meshram Disciple God always is, was and ever will be. But the existence of God’s great and true lovers – like Sudama of Krishna, Sulloo and others now – reflects God’s true greatness.
69 Vishnu Narayan Deorukhkar (vishnu) Disciple He was Napoleon Bonaparte in his previous incarnation. He is one of the four pillars of Meherabad. He works without any desire. He has rendered great service for the last 25 years. Services of Vishnu can hardly be told. Those who were at Lahore saw him working in the most trying physical discomforts without the least thought for his body. No tapa or japa can be compared to these marvelous selfless services of My disciples.”