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1 Q First public darshan given by Meher Baba
  A 1954 in Poona
2 Q First Mandali buried by  Meher Baba on Meherabad hill
  A Gaimai (M/o of Eruch) 11th Aug 1962
3 Q First God -relisation given by Meher Baba to His disciple
  A Gustadji-30 th October 1957
4 Q First time Meher Baba set His foot in America and in which city?
  A 6-11-1631, New York
5 Q First disciple who died in presence of Meher Baba?
  A Nonny Gayley.
6 Q First women's sahwas was held in Meherabad?
  A 1938
7 Q First time Meher Baba declared Himself as Avatar?
  A 10/2/1954
8 Q First Baba lover from Hamirpur to meet Baba?
  A Sripat Sahai Yadav in 1943
9 Q First Baba lover from Chennai to meet Baba?
  A Sampath Aiyangar in 1927
10 Q First Christian who met baba?
  A Gangaram L. Pawar
11 Q First time Baba revealed Himself as Avatar.
  A 15th September 1931 in London
12 Q First world tour of Meher Baba
  A 1932
13 Q First time Mehera catches glimpse of Meher Baba in Sakori
  A 15 th October, 1922
14 Q First tour of Andhra by Meher Baba's
  A 1st January 1953
15 Q First time Meher Baba's flag  furled at Meherabad
  A 23rd April, 1924
16 Q Meher Baba's enters first time in Meherabad
  A 4th May, 1923
17 Q First Lighting of Dhuni in Meherabad
  A 1925
18 Q First time, Baba signs His name
  A 6th Nov, 1968
19 Q First visit to Australia  by Meher Baba
  A 9th  August 1956
20 Q Last Public darshan given by Meher Baba
  A 1965
21 Q Last visit of Meher Baba in America.
  A May, 1958
22 Q Last mast contacted by Meher Baba.
  A Neelkanth in Dehradun 1961