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1 Q When East west gathering was held?
  A 1962
2 Q When the dome of Baba samadhi was constructed
  A 1938 (LM-2315)
3 Q When Shirin Mai died
  A 25 th Feb 1943
4 Q When Baba entered tiger valley for seclusion
  A 15 May 1930, at Nasik
5 Q When did the Eruch & his family joined Baba
1 A 1st august 1938
6 Q When Meherbaba moved to Meherazad?
  A 16-9-1948
7 Q When Baba's car accident took place in America?
  A 24-5-1952
8 Q When foundation laying ceremony of memorial tower was held?
  A 1944
9 Q When and where this logo was announced?
  A Manjile Meem Dadar Mumbai, 14-2-1923
10 Q When  the New Life of Meher Baba started?
  A 16-10-1949
11 Q When Meher Baba declared His Avatarhood and at which place?
  A 10-2-1954 at Mahewa, Hamirpur.
12 Q When the dhuni was first lit at Meherabad?
  A 10/11/1925
13 Q When house warming ceremony of Meherazad took place?
  A 27-8-1948
14 Q When Baba ceased writing?
  A 2nd January, 1927
15 Q When Baba started using alphabet board?
  A 2nd January, 1927
16 Q When and which place Baba performed His own arti?
  A On 21-12-1952, at Amraoti
17 Q When Baba started His universal work?
  A In  Year 1922
18 Q When Baba started His work of contacting masts?
  A August 1924 at Pathri south of Haridwar
19 Q When Baba commenced writing secret book in Jhopdi?
  A 13-7-1925
20 Q When Mehera saw Baba for first time and at which place?
  A 15-10-1922 & Sakori
21 Q When Meher Baba proposed His seven colour flag?
  A 23-04-1924
22 Q When Meher Baba wrote His Gujrati Arti?
  A 11/1/1926
23 Q When for the first time Petro Max lantern was used in Meherabad?
  A 3/6/1927
24 Q When for the first time Baba travelled in Private plane arranged by Sarosh?
  A 26-1-1931
25 Q When Meher Baba gave prayer of repentance?
  A 8/11/1952
26 Q When Meher Baba dictated Universal Prayer?
  A 13-8-1953
27 Q When Meher Baba dictated Prayer for Baba lovers?
  A 28-8-1959
28 Q When Meher Baba commenced His divine silence?
  A 10/7/1925
29 Q When Meher Baba stopped writing?
  A 2/1/1927
30 Q When Meher Baba started using alpha board?
  A 7/1/1927
31 Q When Meher Baba gave up using Alpha board & started using gestures?
  A 7/10/1954
32 Q When Avatar Meher Baba Pilgrim Centre was opened at Meherabad?
  A 19-6-1980
33 Q When MSUSC Byramangla was inaugurated by Meher Baba?
  A 17-12-1939
34 Q When Myrtle beach centre was formally opened By Baba?
  A 22-4-1952