Ganesh was son of lord Shankar & Parvati. Shankar or Shiva represents the embodiment of one of the trio natures of God as destroyer. He is revered first in all remembrance of God. There is reason and the episode goes like this:

In the beginning, a question was raised among the deities as who is to be revered first in all puja and religious act to remember God. All deities went to Brahma (Generator of the Universe). Brahma told that who so ever first complete the round of the earth, he will be considered worth to revered first in all religious activities. All deities riding on their vehicles started to take round of earth.  Ganesh (called Lambodar also) had heavy body and his vehicle was slow moving rat. All other deities had fast moving vehicles like birds, horses, elephants and chariots etc. How Ganesh could compete in running with other deities?

Ganesh consulted Narad. On advice of Narad ji, he wrote the word  the name of Lord “Ram” and had took seven round of the  word “Ram” on ground and reached Brahma ji. Brahma ji declared Ganesh worth for to be revered first among all deities because the Ram name is also real form of Lord Ram present in every particle of the earth and the whole universe. By having round of Ram-nam, Ganesh had completed the round of not only the earth but the whole universe.

There is another version also that Ganesh took one round of his parent Lord Shiva & Parvati and was declared winner.

Thus Ganesh ji established the supremacy of name of God or Avatar even unpersonified.  (The text is extracted from “Kalyan” published by Geeta Press Gorakhpur)

Following episode may find some semblance with mythological event narrated above.


One day one very old Mohammedan came for Baba’s darshan in Guruprasad, Poona. He was wearing a long coat and cap. He was so weak the two of his men were helping him to stand.

Baba looked him and said, “You have become old. You should not worry now but remember Allah.”

Addressing as “Hazrat” to Meher Baba, the Mohammedan sorrowfully said, “Hazarat, I am worried. I have become old but I am not able to go to Mecca to have round of “Kaba”. It has been my ardent desire and I am afraid that this will not be fulfilled.

Over this, Baba asked mandali men to help the old Mohammedan. Baba asked him to take seven rounds His chair and he did so.

Baba said to him, “Now you need not go to Mecca. Your Haz-pilgrimage is complete.”

Asserting so, Baba lovingly embraced him.


According to Baba Ganesh was the the first in creation to realize God and He is the same Ancient One Who comes down again age after age, as the Embodiment of the Universal Mind.

Baba said, “Love God and Become God. I am God and In order to love God, love Me.” If one loves or serves a Sadguru or Avatar he is loving and serving the whole universe; since Sadguru or Avatar has universal body and mind and He is present in everyone living and nonliving bodies at all levels of consciousness.  Everything animate or inanimate in universe is manifestation of God therefore anything can be accepted and revered as God in its finite form. But personified God in Human form (Sadguru or Avatar) is most easily and convincingly acceptable by human-kind. This is well accepted in our Hindu philosophy /religion. As man we are waking and as God we are sleeping. As long as, we are conscious of difference between our self and God (with or without form), we are making conscious or unconscious effort to recognize ourselves as God (to get final awakening or liberation). In other term, we can say that God or Meher Baba Himself in our forms is unconsciously experiencing everything and trying to find the goal of His own status of God. For us having man’s conscious, there is one easiest, safest and surest way to reach the final goal of realisation is to seek help Sadguru or Avatar Meher Baba by surrendering Him.