Meher Baba revealed some interesting facts to the ‘mandali’ about the past births of certain members of His mandali and also some persons who were closely connected with Him. Some incidents are not in record but a few have been told by old members of Mandali.

Episodes with the persons connected with Baba not covered in semblance episodes are mentioned below copied from the book titled “The mystery of Life and Death by Anna Khandale”

"Norina was a high priestess in a past incarnation ... Rano and Kitty were rival priestesses ... Irene was the stable boy [she loved horses] ... Gulmai was Masi's husband ... Elizabeth was Norina's wife who nagged her all day."

Baba used to call Norina “Noorjahan” i.e. Light of the world. Baba revealed to her that she was the 12 member of each concentric circle and 12 disciples up to the 9th circle. In former incarnation she had been Joseph, the father of Jesus. In Avatar’s period she incarnated alternatively as man and women.  She was also mother of Baba in her last incarnation. She had been, at different times, the Avatar’s   mother and father. At present she held position of His mother (not biologically), Baba always called her as “Mummy”.  (Page-144)

“Samarth Ramdas was a Perfect Master at the time of minor advent Shivaji. The process of formation my present circle members was started by Samarth Ramdas when I was Shivaji.” (Page-143)

“Mahatma Gandhi will have to take three more births in order to become perfect. General Dyre famous for Jalianwala Bagh massacre will be one of His inner circle. (Page-143)

He also told, “Shakespeare is presently incarnated in India and is now is Brahmin, taking part in politics but one of the most sincere and selfless worker for the country. His thought force of the past has now been transformed into action.”(Page-143)

Baba once made very appreciative remark about King Edward VIII: He was a good character for a man of his position. He has past connection with Me and will join Me. (Page-143)

During the month of May 1930, Meher Baba stated:

The present Viceroy, Lord Erwin, is very, very good, as is Mahatma Gandhi. Both were doing good service on behalf of India, though they are apparently on opposite sides. Both men have spiritual connection with me, for both lived in the time of Shivaji, though one is a European and the other is now an Indian. But that is insignificant. (Page-143)

Milton was spiritually advances but did not attain beyond second plane in the subtle world. He could see heaven and hell and that was how he was able to write “Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.”  (Page-143)

Nargis wife of Sawak Kotwal (an old mandali) was a yogi in her last incarnation and did penance for 12 years by standing in river water and for that she could come in close contact of Avatar in this incarnation.  (Page-144)

Baba revealed about the village of Arangaon: that they were very fortunate, because they could come so close to Him and took His darshan. In future, after dropping His body, there would be so much rush that they would not be able to take darshan of His Samadhi. His monkey devotees of Ram avatar i.e. white people would come here and there would be huge rush at His Samadhi. The westerner and others who are coming to the Beloved Baba’s tomb must have past connection with Baba. They are coming from far off countries like Israel or Italy and telling their miraculous experiences of Beloved Baba. (Page-144)

Upasani Maharaj was woman in his past life. Baba once told disciples that even when He appeared as Jesus, the Christ or Avatar, he revealed only three quarter of His perfection because people at those times were not ready to receive them. (Page-145)

Meher Baba explained that He had been a Buddhist monk in Burma and lived as hermit during that minor advent. He lived in seclusion for ten years without food. The correct term is minor advent not minor incarnation. Besides the minor advent as Shivaji, Baba later disclosed that he had been a “sweetmeat seller” in northern India who ran a shop similar to candy store.  (Page-205)

Meher Baba explained that for certain spiritual work there occurs in varying centers two types of Avataric incarnations-major and minor. (Page-205)

There have been hints and allusions to Baba are having had in-between incarnations in Spain, China and Cuba and also in Egypt. Some wonder if Baba was Orpheus, known as Arfad, when He lived in Egypt. (Page-145)

Kharman Masi –close disciple was aunt of Lord Buddha in one of her incarnations and she will become Baba’s father in His next advent and Gaimai (Eruch’s mother) will become Baba’s mother. (Page-145)

Baba stated, "Buasaheb was a Chinese emperor in a previous life, and Jalbhai was his wazir [minister]. Both were opium addicts — and its effect is still there!"

Irene Billo's father had died at the end of October [1940]. Discussing his death on November 27th, Baba informed her. "You should be happy. Your father was very lucky. He died like Vivekananda, without suffering. He is free. All relations of those who are with me, whether they know me or not, or even if they do not believe in me, get salvation. Krishna has said, 'Seventy-two generations of such lucky ones get liberation — mukti.'" (Lord Meher- Vol. 7 & 8, page-2643)