The word “God” stands for the short abbreviation of Generator, Observer and Destroyer (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), the trio nature of formless God. This word refers to formless existence of God or Over-soul in unconscious state of infinite knowledge, power and bliss or sat chit and anand.

Sadguru (Man-God or Perfect Master) is a man becoming God in human form having attained God-realization or consciousness of “Aham Brahmasmi”. He bears universal body and universal mind, thereby gets associated with each living and non-living bodies of the universe. He has conscious experiences of God as well man.

Avatar or God-man is the direct descent of formless God in human form which is brought out by five living Sadgurus once in every cycle of 700 to 1400 years. Avatar is the same soul who realized Himself first through process of evolution and involution on His own. The same supreme soul of Avatar appears in different cycles (11 ages) in different forms to redeem the mankind from the sufferings and takes upon Himself the burden of universal suffering.

The Avatar descends from his highest state of divine consciousness to the state of human consciousness. He does not need to pass through the stages of evolution, reincarnation and Realisation. He is God always and comes down directly from His God-state to man-state and becomes conscious of creation. His benevolent work is universal, and He gives a spiritual push to all objects in creation, inert and living, animate and inanimate both.

According to Meher Baba, “Avatar” is the first soul which in beginning attained Perfection, God realization or experience of “Aham Brahmasmi” without help of Master and came back to the level of human being retaining the God consciousness.  Meher Baba said- “I am the same ‘Ancient One’ whose past is worshipped and remembered, whose present is ignored and forgotten and whose future (Advent) is anticipated with great fervour and longing”.

It is a rare feat to achieve God realization which is the ultimate goal of human life and it is only possible through grace of an Avatar or Sadguru (Perfect Master). It requires life after life’s efforts. Meher Baba in His book “God speaks” revealed that out of 700 millions of world population, there are only 7000 advanced souls between 1st to 7th planes of consciousness including Perfect Masters. Avatar, after one cycle (11 ages of 65 to 125 years) brings this number to 7001. When one Perfect Master drops His body another God-realised fills the gap.

Trio nature of God

God has three infinite aspects:  knowledge, power, bliss. It is from these that man derives His three finite aspects false aspects of mind, energy, matter.

The three aspects of God are interlinked; Bliss depends on power and power depends on knowledge. Similarly, the three aspects of man are interlinked: matter depends on energy and energy depends on mind.

As a human being you are one homogeneous entity of these three finite aspects (mind-energy-matter) which are but the shadow of the Infinite aspects of God (Knowledge-Power-Bliss).

Role of Avatar in creation

Every God-Realized personality is perfect. However, those who come down and act as Masters – the Sadgurus and Avatar – come down with their minds universal and use divine powers to work for others. There is a place, Vidnyan Bhumika, where the Masters work and rest. It is similar to a threshold in between two places, where they can manage works both for the higher and lower worlds. One aspect is the preparation of souls from the lower world and the deliverance of them to the higher world, eventually realizing them. The Masters come down with the special purpose of bringing ripe souls to the highest state.

When the Perfect Masters come down with this duty to the world and work every day with the people of the world, they descend with universal mind. Through the universal mind, they take upon themselves the sins (bad sanskaras) of the ripe souls and thereby suffer themselves. They experience bliss through the soul and suffering through the mind. They enjoy the bliss through the soul, which is one with the Almighty, and bear the universal suffering through their universal mind.

The one who manifests as the Avatar has to give a spiritual push to the whole world. This is greater than the circle preparation work which all Sadgurus have to perform. This great push is the main difference in their duties.

Besides this difference, the Avatar is always perfect in all respects, spiritually as well as materially, and in particular, physically. The Avatar always has a charming personality with a beautiful, symmetrical face and body; while the Perfect Masters are generally of odd size and shape physically, with certain defects sometimes so abhorrent that one does not even like to look at them.

Christ, Muhammad, Zarathustra, Buddha, Ram and Krishna were Avatars and hence had charming personalities. So is Mine. Upasni Maharaj, Narayan Maharaj and such present Perfect Masters have one personal defect or another. Upasni Maharaj's stature was too big –like a giant. Narayan Maharaj was too small, short in stature – like a dwarf. But this physical difference between the Avatar and Sadgurus makes no real difference in their spiritual status, which is always divine.

When a Sadguru’s right hand and right foot are active, it signifies spiritual help for the person concerned to aid him in realising God. Similarly His left hand and left foot denote material happiness or miracles.  For those who have faith in a Sadguru, miracles happen automatically through the medium of Maya, but the circle members should not hope for such miracles because the Sadguru Himself is working for them.

By keeping the company with God realised being, a person’s worldly sanskaras get burnt up through the Master’s spiritual heat. That is why those near a Sadguru derive great spiritual benefit, and the merit of those who serve the Master is indeed immense. But their contact can only be formed if you have good sanskaras and deep devotion-the preparedness of past lives.

Fifty-six Realized souls do the work of maintaining the balance in universe

The number 56 denotes perfection. God has to take human form to do the work of maintaining a balance in the universe, and if only one Perfect Person existed He would not be sufficient for the purpose. For instance, a toddy shopkeeper needs several helpers–one to prepare the toddy, another to serve it, another to collect payment, et cetera. But if there is no shop, what is the use of helpers? Therefore, the universe must be maintained, and to carry out the affairs of the universe in an orderly manner fifty-six God-Realized persons are required.

The view of one eye is limited. This infinity of illusion requires the fifty-six people for an orderly management of the universe. All this is beyond your intellect. It is of no avail until Knowledge dawns and such Knowledge is not easy to come by. Such talk is all air – empty air – which one tries to grasp but cannot.

The five Perfect Masters of the time hold the key of the world

The key to the world is only one, but it is in the hands of the five Perfect Masters. For example, a safe has only one key and no other key can unlock it. The five Perfect Masters control the safe – the world.

One Master is the keeper of the key, without which the safe cannot be opened.

The second guards the safe which cannot be opened without his prior consent.

The third is the one who alone has the authority to use the key to unlock the safe.

The fourth is the one who has the right to distribute the riches in the safe. And

The fifth Master is the one who has the power to authorize the distribution.

Thus there is only one key to the world, equally shared among the five Masters. The five Perfect Masters, plus the fifty-one other God-Realized souls (majzoobs and jivanmuktas) control the key. These fifty-one are members of the parliament of the five Perfect Masters. Fifty-one plus five equals fifty-six; this number 56 never changes. In this way does the game of the world go on and on.

There are always 56 God-realised souls. Now, out of these 56, five are sent out into the world. But in every Avataric period these five become one, thus demonstrating the cycle when the Avatar appears in form. Therefore, the Avatar exists in the heart of these five as one.

These five are God-realised like the Avatar. All are one. But in the Avataric period, the Avatar is equal to five Sadgurus. Thus, five Sadgurus make one Avatar - that is the long and short of it. Therefore, if the Sadgurus were to show their hearts, you would find Me in them. Five are always alive. Babajan left her body. The one in her place need not necessarily be in Poona, but there must be five in the world.

Avatar gives spiritual push to the world:

People of the world act according to moral standard and socially acceptable behaviour, but the Avatar or Perfect Master deals with everyone according to his or her sanskaras. Thus spiritual life is totally and cannot be judged on the basis of morality, ethics or principle.

As a rule, Masters help individually according to temperament and fitness of the aspirant, but this being an Avataric Period, which means the end of previous cycle and beginning of a new one, My spiritual help to the humanity will be both individual and collective. “

The period of function of the old and new cycle usually connotes the advent of a Master who rejuvenates religious thought, infusing new life and meaning to the old order of things. Besides imparting the highest state of spirituality to a select few, He gives a general push to the whole world.

Avatar has no limitation of time and space in bestowing the Gift of God realization to anyone

For man there is a limitation of time and space. For God there is no limitation of time and space because He is everywhere at all times. For the God-Man or Avatar, there is no limitation of time and space as God; but as man He assumes the limitation of time and space to make man free of his limitations.

The Avatar is unique in as much as He is one with and conscious of everything and every being at all times. He is unique because He is commonly not understood yet most commonly lives in everything and every being. He is the Lord of all. He is the Master of Servitude of all.

He has a physical body, alternating His descent in different human forms on earth with the exigency of time and the needs of man. He has a subtle body to balance Universal Energy to the requirements of man. He has a mental body to focus the Universal Mind for the guidance of individual minds. He has a Universal Body to always maintain His link with the earth for a periodical descent on it in an individual body. He has the Universal ego and the Universal Consciousness to sustain His individuality and consciousness of God.

The Avatar is at all times the sole balancing power between Absolute God and illusion. He ever resides in both and is in perfect identity with them.

When one achieves God-realization by the grace of a Perfect Master, it is either at midnight or at five O'clock in the morning. But the Avatar can give God-realization at any time.

Avatar always appears in male form

After attaining the human form, as rule there is no reversion to animal forms, but human form may sometimes be male and some time female according to the sanskaras and the spiritual requirements of jeevatma. The female form has the special prerogative that even the Sadgurus and The Avatars have to be born through female form. The male form has the prerogative that majority of the Sadgurus appear in male form. Woman can be saint and Sadguru, but The Avatar always appear in male form.

God-realization is always given by one Master only

It is never presumptuous for anyone to hope for Realization. It is the goal of creation and the birthright of humanity. Blessed are they who are prepared to asserting that right in this very life. Truth-realization is born of such complete surrender to the engulfing love of God, of which the Master is the physical symbol and the channel.

God-realization is always given by Master at appropriate time

The Sadgurus bestow Realisation according to the divine plan chosen by the Avatar. So it is the Avatar who chooses who will become God-realised. It is for the Avatar's own special circle, lovers and devotees that He Himself bestows Realisation or Mukti (Liberation). All other souls receive Realisation or Mukti from the hands of the Sadgurus. Mukti occurs at the moment of death. On Realisation one retains the human body and continues to live.

This divine plan was laid out by the first soul when he came back down as the first Avatar. It is this plan that the Sadgurus execute in the timing of each soul's Realisation or Liberation.

The easiest and shortest way to God-realisation

The easiest and shortest way to God-realisation is through the contact of a Sadguru, which means keeping the company or sahavas of such a Master, obeying Him and serving Him. This remedy is like a special express train which carries you straight to your destination.

The second way is to repeat, with all love and in all sincerity, any one name of God, and in the absence of a Sadguru, to serve humanity selflessly. This is like a journey by a passenger train, which halts at almost every station.

The third method takes a very long time. It means performing all the rites and ceremonies of one's religion wholeheartedly and faithfully, but not mechanically. This method is like a freight train chugging along very slowly.

Help of an Avatar or Sadguru is essentially needed for God realization

To attain God-Love, at first the company of holy men is needed, which awakens shraddha (faith) in God. Then comes nishta (one-pointed devotion). After nishta comes bhakri (love). Then dawns bhava (ecstasy). Next maha-bhav. Lastly prem or (divine love). Of course, if the grace of an Avatar descends, love dawns in a flash. That comes to one in a million. When there are so many paths, stages and levels among devotees coming from the past, Baba agree that one cannot be King Janak all of a sudden.

A Perfect Master does not make you go through each plane. He takes you past them all, and the fun is you do not go. You just stay where you are; just as now you get up, go out and walk about. You think you go, but you are everywhere. Your mind takes this body. You are everywhere.

Avatar’s and Sadguru’s attitude towards their circle members

There is a difference in Avatar’s and Sadguru’s attitude towards their circle and toward general public. The members of the circle are like the sons of the Master, and the general public are like non-family members. For example: If a newsboy turns into millionaires, he would teach others the ways by which he became so, and tell them that if they followed him, they too, would become millionaires. But to his sons, he will give the riches-not descriptions of how he acquired the riches.

In the same way, Avatar and Sadguru never explain to the members of their circles the ways and means of path. They just place them right on the path to God-realisation itself; while to ordinary people, they explain the ways and means to achieve it. The circle members do not need these explanations, because they are inheritors of the divine wealth, the heirs. When the wealth itself is in hand, what is the necessity for explaining the ways to obtain it?

There are special rules for My circle members. I put up with and forgive their serious faults. It is universal law for the masses that punishment for murder is death by execution. But there is a special rule for My circle members. They are always saved from execution.

Difference between the state of a Majzoob, Perfect Master and an ordinary man- a simile

For example, there is a man sailing in a boat on the ocean, He is enjoying the sea breezes and being out of water. But if he himself turns to the ocean, what is the use of the boat? When the man was without knowledge of the ocean and its greatness, it was necessary for him to use the boat as a means of enjoying the pleasures of boating. But what care does he have for the boat when he himself becomes the ocean. This the state of Majzoob, who does not care for the boat (body) which now drifts here and there at the mercy of the waters.

The Sadguru, however, does care and make use of the boat. He can move and carry it whenever and wherever He likes, by catching hold of it from the bottom under the water; whereas, mankind is drifting here and there without advancing at all towards the Goal. Such is difference between the states of a majzoob, Sadguru and an ordinary human being. But this difference, though apparently quite trivial, is actually tremendous beyond imagination.

Avatar and Sadguru are like Pearl diver-an example

In the beginning the seeker of truth is like a man who, having heard that priceless pearl is to be got from the depths of the ocean, goes down to the sea-shore and first admires the vastness of ocean and then paddle and splashes about in the shallows and intoxicated with this new excitement, forgets about the pearl.

Out of many who do this, one after a while, remembers his quest and learns to swim and starts to swim out.

Out of many who masters swimming, one begins dive; the others in their enjoyment of mastery and forget about the pearl.

Out of many who practice diving, one reaches the ocean of bed and grasps the pearl.

Out of many who get hold of the pearl, one swims back up to the surface with it, the others stay stuck on the floor gazing with wonder at the pearl.

Out of many who swim up to the surface, one returns to the shore. This one is the Perfect Master (Qutub or Sadguru) and He shows His pearl to others; the divers, the swimmers, the beginners and so encourages them in their efforts. But He can if He wishes cause another to become possessor of the pearl without one having to learn swimming and diving.

But the God-Man or Avatar is the Master of Masters (Qutub-al-Aktab), and give possession of the pearl to any number He likes. The Qutub is perfect Perfection, but it is circumscribed by His office in regard to His help to men. The Avatar is beyond the limits of function; His power and the effects are boundless. The absolute Perfection of the Perfect Master is the same as God-Man’s. The difference between them is in the scope of functioning. One is limited, and the other is unlimited.

Difference between the Avatar and Sadguru

There is no difference in consciousness of the Avatar and a Sadguru, or in their perfection. Both are one with God. Experience infinite power, knowledge and bliss, and both use these aspects of sat-chit-anand for the universe. The difference is in the scope of their working. Perfect Master works for the selected few in a chosen way and for the universe in a general way. The Avatar works for the selected few in a special way and for the universe in a chosen way. So although both work for the universe and the field of their working is not limited, the scope

of their work is different.



Sl.No Aspects of comparison Sadguru Avatar
1 Consciousnesses I am God, Ahm Brahmasmi Same as of Sadguru
2 Time  domain One life time 700 to 1400 years
3 Spiritual help to other Can give realisation to many in His life-time Can give realisation to many even all creation
4 Way of working Acts to help to other Becomes to help other
5 Gender Male and female both Only male
6 Selection of


Cannot Selects of His  own
7 Selection of       place of birth Cannot Selects of His own
8 Ascent and

Descent as God

Man becoming God-( Man –God) God becoming man- God-Man
9 Suffering Suffers for humanity Suffers for the universe
10 Personality Not beautiful Always beautiful


Three types of Gurus or Masters in the world at all times

  1. The imposter;
  2. The genuine but limited Guru, the Wali or master of the 5th plane, and the Pir or master of the 6th plane;
  3. The perfect Guru or Sadguru or Avatar, who is God-realized.

When a Wali is pleased with someone, he whispers or breathes a divine word in ear, or he looks steadily into the eyes of the person concerned, and causes a lift in that person's consciousness. In this heightened consciousness, the person can easily read the thoughts of those near him if he wants to. He sees coloured lights, and sometimes sees the face of the Wali within the light. But the Wali may raise one to his own level of consciousness, and cause him to identify himself with the mental body, and he sees his gross and subtle bodies distinctly as garments that he wears. Although this raising of another's consciousness is not mere hypnotism, but bestowal of an experience of a very high order, the state enjoyed, being within the domain of limitation (had) is still part of the passing show of illusion. The angle of vision has merely shifted from what it was previously. The view is vastly greater, but he still faces Maya with his back to God.

A Pir does not use either of the methods of the Wali. When he is pleased with someone he may ask for a glass of water or a cup of tea, and taking a sip or two, may give it to him to drink. Or he may ask the person for something, such as a handkerchief or scarf, and after using it for some time, return it to him. By such a seemingly insignificant action, the Pir may bring him up through any of the lower planes, even to his own station, and cause him to take a complete about-turn, so that Maya is forever behind him, and before him is the indescribable beauty and glory of God.

In his lifetime a Wali and a Pir can raise one person, or at most two persons, to his own level of consciousness. A Pir cannot take anyone beyond the sixth plane, which denotes the very edge of limitation. There is an abyss to be crossed between the sixth and the seventh planes of consciousness, between the last point in limitation and infinite limitlessness, the goal. A Pir is himself in the realm of duality, and therefore cannot take anyone to the unitive state of unlimited consciousness. A Sadguru, being beyond the bounds of limitation, can and does do so. He utilizes infinite ways (including direct physical touch, or even just a wish) for the bestowing of His grace on the ones He chooses, to make them transcend duality and merge in the consciousness of God the unlimited (Behad).

A Wali or a Pir necessarily requires the physical presence of a person whose level of consciousness he intends to raise. But time and space are no obstacles to a Sadguru when He wishes to bestow His grace on any person or thing. The person concerned may be thousands of miles away, or not even in a physical body. Just a wish of the Sadguru can instantaneously establish that particular individual in the consciousness of the seventh plane of limitlessness (Behad).

A Pir can make one see God. But even then one's 'real I' still has falseness attached to it. A Sadguru, at the right moment, whisks away entirely the entire falseness. And how does he do it? That is inexplicable. Only he who is knowledge itself can do this. When falseness is entirely shed, real individuality is established. This is the 'I am God' state.