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Divine Grace, is beyond all laws.

Divine grace knows no fetters, and that control the entire universe with all its laws. It is the last supervening factor in graded orders which obtain in the spiritual panorama. Divine grace is not concerned with phenomena. It is concerned with the emancipation and spiritual fulfilment of souls.

Do not ask God for money, fame, power, health or children but seek My grace and it will lead you to eternal bliss.

I am the ocean of grace but I am also as hard as flint when you try to draw grace from Me. The flow of My grace to you depends upon the intensity of your love, for it is love which attracts My grace to you.

The grace of the God-Man is like the rain, which falls equally on all lands irrespective of whether they are barren or fertile; but it fructifies only in the lands that have been rendered fertile through arduous and patient toiling.

To receive My grace, you must obey Me whole heartedly with the firm foundation of unshakable faith in Me. - Meher Baba

What is Grace?

Suppose one becomes hundred percent prepared and then realizes himself as God; that is not grace. If the worst sinner was before Me and I got the whim, I could make him realize God in a flash. This is grace. Once My grace descends upon anyone, that very instant he becomes Me. But grace is very, very difficult. I am always ready to give, but no one is ready to receive it. The sun is now diffusing its light everywhere. But here, we are under this roof, and its light, therefore, cannot illumine us. You yourself have raised the roof. Demolish it and you will find, you yourself, are the light and the sun. The flow of My grace is continuous, but this "roof" of the ego prevents you from receiving it.

If My grace descends on you, you will become Me. But for the grace to descend, the opportune moment must come. What is grace after all? It is not a bargain. Suppose you are here and I want to make you like Me; that is grace.

God-realisation is possible without grace of Perfect Master but it extremely difficult.

True worship is an expression of devotion, not just saying prayers and making supplication. For you to worship Me truly, it is necessary for you to have My grace. What is grace? No bargaining whatsoever is possible in the receiving of grace, and there is absolutely no specific condition for its bestowal. It may be given freely to anyone, whether saint or sinner, intellectual or illiterate, man or woman. Grace is just grace, nothing more and nothing less.

Although it is next to impossible, yet it is conceivable that one might become one hundred per cent prepared by one’s efforts, and thereupon realize God. In such an improbable event, God-realization is not through grace.

But if the worst sinner stood before Me and I had the whim (lahar), I could make him realize God in less than the flash of a second. That would be grace. At the very instant My grace descends upon you, you also become Me and we remain one.

It is easier for Me to come as an Avatar than for you to receive My grace. The problem is that once you have been conditioned by duality there is no end to the conditions which restrict your ability to receive My grace. Therefore it is difficult for My grace to flow from Me to you.

That is why it is not as easy as it sounds for Me to get the whim to cause you to receive My grace. As a matter of fact it is flowing sufficiently all the time to fill one and all receptacles everywhere.

There is rarely a vessel which is not filled with other things. A vessel must first be emptied before it can be filled by the flow of My grace. It is also My grace which helps a vessel to become completely emptied in the first place.

The sun is now shining brilliantly outside this hall, but the sunlight does not reach you here under the roof. The sun is doing its duty of giving light. You have also to do your duty in removing whatever comes between you and the sun. Unless you break open the roof, how can you ask the sun to pour its light upon you? You have raised this roof of ‘ignorance’ over your own self. Demolish it and you will find that you yourself are the light and you yourself are the sun. Through My grace, a sudden crack in the roof can let the sunlight in on you immediately, but one in a million roofs might thus attract My grace.

Generally, it is rightly said that the right time must arrive for grace to descend. Yet in a particular sense this is absurd. The contradiction arises because words are never enough to express spiritual truths accurately as they exist in the higher spheres, far above the intellect and understanding.

Repeated sincere prayer and forgiveness can evoke God’s grace

Through repeated sincere prayers it is possible to affect an exit from the otherwise inexorable working out of the Law of Karma. The forgiveness asked from God evokes from Him, His inscrutable grace, which alone can give new direction to the inexorable karmic dimensions.

Unless I help you, you cannot surrender. The moment your surrender is complete, My grace descends and then, in less than a fraction of a second, the goal of becoming consciously infinite or infinitely consciousness is realized.

Tukaram was a Perfect Master. In one of His abhangs (verses of song), He has said:

The Master, by His grace, can make the disciple like Himself in no time. Here, someone may ask: "Why is there this long period of tests and trials? Why the delay in bestowing grace?" On the part of the Master, there is actually no delay. His is the state beyond time. In relation to the creation, only the present moment exists for Him. To the illusion-bound beings, Tukaram has also said the following:

So ages and ages have to roll on for the arrival of that opportune moment when, by the Master's grace, one is established in Reality as the Reality of God.

The very desire to possess grace is a barrier in receiving it

Someone asked, “Baba, we seek your grace.” In response, Baba replied:

No one gets it from his seeking or asking. You may be ready even to give up your very life for it, but with all this you cannot claim grace. How can you demand grace? The very desire to possess grace is a barrier in receiving it. It is an act of unbounded spontaneity.

However, in a sense you cannot love Me without My grace, and as such all of the “experiences” you have are nothing but a game of My grace.

But grace as grace is quite different. It is not received in parts. It is infinitely indivisible and so indescribable. It is the whim of the fully conscious Infinite to make the apparently finite realize its Infinity. On the part of the finite it can be likened to a drop gulping the Ocean!

Only the grace of the Perfect Master or Avatar can make one free from wants

It is very difficult to be without wants. “I want to sleep, I want to eat” -these are wants. “I do not want to sleep or to eat” – this also is a want. It is therefore rather impossible to be without wants. What then is the solution? Hafiz provides one.

Hafiz has said: “Only the grace of the Perfect Master can make you free from all wants. Even if a wee bit of the effulgent glory of God were to be revealed, you would become millions of times brighter than the Earth’s sun. If for one slight moment you have the fortune to drown yourself in the Ocean of Love, do not hesitate. That moment does not come frequently. As soon as the Master says: ‘Drown!’ do not hesitate. Drown the moment the Master commands you to drown. Don’t worry about what the world will think of you. The world will call you mad, but you should not hesitate.

If even one hair of yours is dipped in the Ocean of Love, you become ‘wet’ eternally. In that bliss of Union with the Beloved that you then enjoy, there is no break. It is continuous. From head to foot you become God if in this path you become footless and headless.