God can be compared to quiet Ocean, saying that the Ocean was God, who was in a sound sleep. One day the Ocean was stirred by a whiff of wind and awoke from sleep, saying, "Who am I?" No sooner had it asked the question than an unlimited number of drops were flung on the shore far from the Ocean. These drops, separated from the Ocean, became individual souls, and each soul in turn asked the question, "Who am I?" and that is how evolution started.

Each drop first took the form of gaseous matter, and then evolved to various forms of stone, metal, plant, and animal until it reached the human form. Evolution then ended and reincarnation began. Baba told us that the drop soul has to take form eight million, four hundred thousand times, and as it travels through all these experiences, it comes nearer and nearer the Ocean.

Eventually it begins its final journey, which Baba called involution, across the seven planes of consciousness that will reunite it with the Ocean. When it comes to the sixth plane, it stands face to face with God, the Ocean, but here is a deep, deep chasm that is extremely difficult and painful to cross. When the soul succeeds in crossing this chasm, it reaches the seventh plane and merges back into the Ocean, becoming one with it, and realizes, "I am the Ocean that is God."

WORLD IS BIG DREAM               

The whole world is dreaming. The people of the world do not know that they are dreaming, so deceptive, so binding are the sanskaras, that stuff that makes dreams and more dreams. People marry while dreaming, have children and homes, work, play, fornicate, fight, love, hate, theorize, intellectualize and philosophize, thinking it is all real, when not one experience is real. When death comes, man leaves his family behind, loses everything that he worked and fought for so hard, including his identity, and experiences heaven or hell, but returns again into another man or woman form with a new identity, having forgotten the past. So everything and everyone goes on and on - new families, new affairs, and different values. Deaths and births are as insubstantial as waking and sleeping. The human consciousness changes, not the species, and sometimes experiences itself in the form of a man and sometimes as a woman, healthy and sick, sometimes rich, sometimes poor, intelligent and stupid, ugly and beautiful, sane and insane, black and white and so forth, 8,400,000 rounds


Worry is unnecessary. Necessary worry is not good, but unnecessary worry is madness. If I say: 'Be happy!' be happy at once! Forget. Away with it! Why brood? I never brood. Laugh! Be cheerful! It is all illusion — why not be cheerful, happy? Start now!!" As the cause, so the effect; the cause may be big and important, or small and insignificant, but the result will definitely be according to it. The woes of this world are imaginary and are the self-created result of our own ignorance; having no cause, they are therefore unjustifiable. If there is no reason or cause, then it naturally follows that the result is unreal, insubstantial and meaningless. So why worry about the happiness, or misery, of this world which has no cause behind it except imagination? Just go on observing things as a passive spectator as they go on around you, keeping the mind free and happy.


Suffering leads to real eternal happiness we should not attach importance to this suffering. It is to eliminate suffering that suffering has to be. Most of this suffering is unnecessary and self-inflicted. Ninety-nine percent of the world's suffering is self-inflicted. Yet, they ask, "Why must we suffer?" Great suffering means great liberation. Mental suffering is worse than physical suffering. What the people of the world with limited vision think of suffering is only physical. They draw pictures of a bomb-stricken person, nose off, arm off, leg off, et cetera. Sometimes physical suffering tends to ease mental suffering. The world's idea of suffering and of happiness is entirely limited.


Real happiness – is worth all the physical and mental suffering of the universe! Then all suffering becomes as if it were not; it was due to ignorance. Ignorance makes you flinch at the sight of a cockroach; real happiness does not make you feel the teeth of a tiger in your body! Even those who are not God-Realized and have not absolute knowledge, they can control their minds to such an extent that nothing makes them feel pain and suffering – even being buried alive. One yogi, who had not even the smell of knowledge, had himself thrown into a tub of boiling oil. Through his yogic power, not only did he not feel the pain, but his skin was not even a little burned. This is not the mind's control over matter, it is even lower – it is breath control.


Meher Baba is a contemporary personality who publically declared Himself as “Avatar of the Age” in 1954. Meherwan Sheriar Irani, later called as Meher Baba by His followers was born in Poona (now Pune) in India on Feb, 25, 1894 to a Persian parents. In 1913. Hazrat Babajan, a lady Perfect Master of that time kissed on forehead of Meher Baba, thereby bestowed Him instant God realization and made Him aware of His highest spiritual destiny.  Afterwards, in year 1914, Meher Baba was drawn to other four Perfect Masters of the time namely Upasni Maharaj of Sakori, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur and Narain Maharaj of Kedgaon. Upasni Maharaj made him to regain His body consciousness. Meher Baba attained spiritual perfection in 1921.


Avatar Meher Baba proclaimed: “I was Rama, I was Krishna, I was this One, I was that One, and now I am Meher Baba. In this form of flesh and blood, I am that same Ancient One who is eternally worshipped and ignored, ever remembered and forgotten.”  “I am not here just for the crowd. I am here for the individuals dispersed among the crowd who silently adore Me.” “I belong to no religion but all religions belong to Me”. Love is only path which Meher Baba professed in this Avatarhood. ““I have come not to teach but to awaken.” “I do not change your Destiny but give you strength to face the battle of life.” “No amount of intellectual gymnastic could ever understand My ways or judge My infinite State.”


First phase of His spiritual mission started in 1921, when He drew His close disciples who gave Him the name “Meher Baba” meaning “Compassionate Father”. After years of intensive training of disciples, in 1923, He established a colony called Meherabad near Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Master’s work embraced opening of free school, dispensary and shelters for poor, mast ashram, bathing, clothing and washing feet of lepers and destitute. He demonstrated the real selfless service with the motto of Mastery in Servitude".

Meher Baba observed silence from July 10, 1925 and continued for 44 years till dropping His body in Jan 1969. He carried out all His activities of selfless service, spiritual discourses, and messages and dictated the book "God Speaks” through alphabet board in silence. His silence is unparallel and divine. He said “This is my silent advent (Mauna Avatar). Important work of His Avataric mission was to contact God intoxicated souls called Masts who deserved His contact. Meher Baba contacted such souls in person, gave them spiritual push and advanced them in their spiritual journey. For this work, Meher baba travelled 75,000 miles to remote places throughout India, Ceylon and Pakistan and contacted over 20,000 advanced souls individually.

Avatar Meher Baba undertook universal suffering that an Avatar undergoes voluntarily. Meher Baba was involved in two car accidents without break in His silence. One accident occurred near Prague (Oklahoma, USA) in May, 1952. The other took at Satara (India) in December, 1956.


Do not shirk your responsibilities. Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's. When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer." Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in this situation." With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others. Any kind of meditation, yoga renunciation and austerities is not necessary for My lovers. Try to remember Me constantly. Come all unto Me. be resigned to my will and hold fast to My Daman”

Be above party politics and should bear malice and ill-will toward none. Meher Baba does not advocate any rites or rituals unless it is done with pure heart and all sincerity.  “Love God and become God. In order to love God love Me. I am the God personified”.

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