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God-Realization means to become one with God. By thinking and imagining, one can never become one with God. Union is possible only after the death of thoughts and imagination — the mind must die.

How does a person know that he has realized God? It is automatic. You are a human being. Do you ever think to yourself, "Am I a human being?" You do not ask yourself this because you are a human being. In the same way, once a man realizes God, he spontaneously knows that he is God. He has the full experience of it by personal experience. (Lord Meher- p. 1191)

God consciousness it is all the same of absolute desirelessness, Egolessness, honesty, tolerance and control of mind etc. If you achieve one you get all spontaneously. Every Individual soul is responsible for his thoughts, words and actions and gathers impressions (sanskaras).  Mind gets fully developed in human form through process of evolution from stone to man and he identifies himself as individual soul progresses to involution, inward journey from man to God. Destiny is the will of God (Super-soul) which superimposes over every thought, word and deed of individual soul is forgetful of his own self as God or super soul.

As a man we are waking as God we are sleeping. From a whim God in beyond state or super soul (before universe came into being) to know Himself as "Who AM I", God in beyond state started manifesting Himself in infinite forms and evolution started. Since God in beyond state had inherent  infinite knowledge, power and bliss Super soul or God started identifying falsely  through infinite forms in process of evolution as I am gas, veg (tree), fish, reptile, bird, animal with gross, subtle and mental bodies, and finally as man.

Thereafter, involution process (inward journey from man to God) begins. After traversing gross plane, 4 subtle planes & 2 mental planes, individual soul attains experiences of God ( super soul) in human form only with the help of Sadguru ( Perfect Master or Man-God)  or Avatar ( God-Man) which is seventh plane. Thus finally the individualized Super- soul gets the final answer to his original question "Who am I" as "I am God" in human body. This individual now as realized soul consciously experiences infinite knowledge, power and bliss and has universal body and mind and consciously experiences as “I am everything”