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(Translated from Gujrati)

(In this prayer Kaikobad Dastur joined Meher Baba. It is translated from Gujrati language)

“I begin my prayer by invoking the Name of Yazd:

O Lord of Creation, Ahuramazda!

Thou art the source of all Light.

Thou art All Effulgence and All-Knowing, art the Lord Of Lords, the King of Kings, the Creator of all creation, the Preserver and Sustainer!

“O Omnipotent, O the Ancient One and Eternal! Thou art the Giver of all boons and Thou art All-Mercy and All-Wisdom, and the Source of All Purity!

“O the Lord of Creation, Ahuramazda! I invoke Thy Name and ask for Thy Blessings. Let Thy Will be done and Thy Justice be administered, O God Ahuramazda!”