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Eruch Jessawala
Meher Baba told me that the word 'saint' has been loosely used. He said, "A saint is one who sees Me as I really am, and seeing Me as I really am, means seeing nothing else but My effulgence continuously. He alone is on the sixth place who sees My light without pause or break. He who sees Me as I really am is also My true lover who is on the sixth plane of involution of consciousness."
During the Avataric advent, there are many individuals who claim sainthood and once when Baba was told of a certain man who said he was on the sixth plane of consciousness, He remarked:
"When one is on the sixth plane, one sees God face to face and experiences bliss. One on the gross plane can also see God everywhere by the grace of the Avatar or a Perfect Master. Such a one experiences bliss, but there is a world of difference between his experience and the sublime bliss of the one on the sixth plane of consciousness. Whereas on the gross plane one has desires and the mind to contend with, the one who is on the sixth plane longs only to become One with Beloved God."
THE ANCIENT ONE, p. 217, ed. Naosherwan Anzar
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar