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"Spirituality truly means the life of the spirit. It is to be lived and experienced. It makes you firm like a rock and neither worldly sorrows nor pleasures upset you. You attain to the state where desires end and you want nothing. When you do not want anything, you have everything.

"Look at this mast (Chatti Baba). He is so innocent, always so happy and so loving — for the simple reason that he wants nothing; and strange as it may seem he has everything — happiness, eternal peace of mind and contentment.

"The state of desirelessness or of wanting nothing is a faculty latent in everyone. It is within you and you must find it out. I have found it and experienced it. I know that everyone has this faculty, but being latent it has to be found and experienced. The difference between you and Me is that although this faculty in Me is also present within you, I have actually experienced and felt it, while you have yet to experience it and feel it.

"I see Myself in you all as palpably as you see all these material things with your eyes. It is a fact for Me. With your eyes you see everything external. At the back of this external aspect there is not mere hollowness or spacelessness, but also pure nothingness. When you realize this pure nothingness you see how it has come out of everything which is in you. When this experience is gained, the faculty of wanting nothing is developed and you begin to experience it."

TREASURES FROM THE MEHER BABA JOURNALS (1938-1942); pp. 125-126, ed. Jane Barry Haynes 1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust